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to release the Syn-phônê NO8: How Sound Are Humans? in Berlin in fall 2007:
no, we hope in March 2008 during Maerzmusik festival.

France 19 April,
The big disappointment...
After 4 month full working to create the Berliner Transkulturell Syn-phônê Orkester, by writing, calling, sending, producing 1000 post cards and 100 posters for musicians recruitment distributed in Berlin, by sending to all Berliner musical organizations the project, plus hundreds of e-mails without answer just few friends, plus hundreds of phone call, etc., only 3 musicians register the Berliner TSO! It is a shame for Berlin. What happen in this city? Nobody answers... What is the problem?
Nobody answers: including Malte Ubenauf and Frank Castorf the director of Volksbühne am Rosaluxenburg where the performance of the Berliner Transkulturell Syn-phônê Orkester premiere should happen.
Our decision is to push the project for 2008 or 2009, we are very patient and the Berliner Transkulturell Syn-phônê Orkester is a too important , even an essential project in our lives.


France 26 January,
The proposal is at last ready and was sent to
Malte Ubenauf at Volksbühne am Rosaluxenburg. We schedule the project for Autumn 2007, but it depends of Volksbühne availability. Here you can download the Berliner TSO proposal in pdf format 425Ko. The poster and postcard [front + back] are also ready to be printed you should see in Berlin starting in middle of February. Help is welcome. The starting registration is quite slow: please do not register at the last moment! registration form. The faster the Berliner TSO is constituted the sooner we have chance to perform.

fast anticipation poster

Berlin 31 October,
All people I met in Berlin told me about the place to perform the syn-phônê NO8 with the Berliner TSO is the Volksbühne am Rosaluxenburg. So I sent an e-mail to Frank Castorf, the director, asking him a meeting. Receiving no answer, I decide to go to the theater. There, I met Helena, Frank Castorf assistant who introduce me to Malte Ubenauf the person in charge of music at the Volksbühne. Malte told me that Volksbuhne is exactly the place for a project like the Berliner Trans-kulturell Syn-phônê Orkester, and we wish to release the syn-phônê NO8
in fall 2007.

the Volksbühne am Rosaluxenburg

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