Berliner Trans-kulturell Syn-phônê Orkester ?



Imagine 100 musicians and real-time performance artists who work with: light, dance, film, action painting, etc. from different cultures in Berlin, joined together in a symphonic orchestra on stage to create an original work: entitled the "Syn-phônê NO8". The huge orchestra is not only granted to classical music with classical musicians but we try to re-form the idea of a big orchestra not for power demonstration but for multicultural exchanges in order to create another sound of music: How Sound are Humans?

Hu Man

You Man, Human, Humanity, Soundly Humanity, the Sound of Humans. How Humanity Sounds is the subject of this Syn-phônê NO8. Most of the music today is made by machines. On unique clock everybody has to walk. We play like computer edited music. For most of the people this is the right way for music to be pleasant. The way classical music is taught in music schools is based on our Western quantitative musical notation destined to machines more than humans. Time to break. How Sound are Humans? Knowing that sound does not exist: just as a translation of no meaning vibrations. This music is dedicated to John Blacking.



Berlin has become today the city which attracts the artists from all over the world: Asia, America, Africa, etc. A unique and perfect context to constitute a Trans-Cultural Syn-phônê Orchestra. People are open to each other. Berlin is an ideal place for cultural exchanges which have not any equivalent in the world today. It is why the Berliner Transkulturell Syn-phônê Orkester is an opportunity for Berlin to show its multikulti in real exchange and harmonic collaboration which is difficult to produce elsewhere. I am particularly attached to Berlin to show the example.


In October 2006, I was walking around with my Berliner Transkulturell Syn-phônê Orkester project, meeting people, artists, and art organizations in Berlin. I was asking the following question: “where should this kind of project happen?” Everybody answered me: at the Volksbühne am Rosa Luxenburg platz. It seems like there does not exist other places for these kinds of projects in Berlin! I met already Malte Ubenauf on the 31 October 2006 who confirmed me that the Volksbühne am Rosa Luxenburg platz is the right place for the Berliner Transkulturell Syn-phônê Orkester project. We wish to be welcome.

WHY the NO8?

The two first Syn-phônê were done respectively in 1996 and 1997. The five others are in waiting to be released in different cities of the world. The Syn-phônê NO3 in Toulouse France since 2004, the Syn-phônê NO4 in Rio de Janeiro Brasil since 2001, the Syn-phônê NO5 in Montreal Quebec since 2001, the Syn-phônê NO6 in Chicago United States since 2002, and the Syn-phônê NO7 in New York since 2002 too. The 8th is the next number.


WHY the word

In Old Greek "Syn" means "friendship" and "phone" means "sound": the desire to make mass music that sounds as friendship.



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