in the Centre of the Bomb




Unlighted flying Sky Sphere Project (1982)
The SkySphere is a thirty meter (hundred feet) diameter clear sphere concert hall with no gravity inside. The SkySphere floats like an airship conducted only by Earth winds. Inside a sound system uses the Abstractor IV, our sound delocalizator with too high speed flying sound. The audience floats among perpetual flying music, in the sky among warm slow winds blown inside the clear SkySphere.

myster shadow-sky, 1982





Since 1982
we use,
in Le Centre De La Bombe
3 different moving sound systems:
__1. the Tube-Space-System,
__2. the Mics-Space-System, and
__3. the Electro-Matrix-Space-System.




OURDISSION1 - Sound continuum projection
from front to rear
in same direction that inside artificial wind
in a clear inflatable tube architecture.
The flute player moves in front of 4 quadraphonic microphones
which generate different space's figures around the audience inside the tube. Ourdission 1 use the MSS plus the ESS.
London 1983-86


myster shadow-sky, 1982





LOIn #2b