the Shadow-Sky-Ensemble #3
concert at Le Mandala, performing

"the strange lizards from improbable universes, episode 3 "

photo Stephanie Amiot, touch up Myster Shadow-Sky © le centre de la bombe 2005.

who is who in the Shadow-Sky-Ensemble #3 ?

Masako Ishimura (flutes)
Fanny Sauvageot (flute)
Elisa Trocmé (clarinet & contrabass clarinet)
Anaïs Andret-Cartini (trumpet, slide trumpet, voice)
Alix Quéritet (contrabass)
Hélène Sage (sonic stool & objec
ts, voice)
Iris Lancery (mezzo soprano)
Maylis Isabelle Bouffartigue (actress)
Stéphanie Marchesi (soprano colorature & bass guitar)
Laetitia Dutech (drum)
Christophe Calastreng (P.A. & audio recording)

Myster Shadow-Sky (composer, conductor, colombian harp, synthesizers Mono/Poly & TG77, 9-tone electric guitar, crooner voice & other instruments)