ARTISTS on the web


Bovine [uk] artists and collective project

Duodecimo, really cool webart

anonymus webart but cool:

Insine [London] the living room of cutting edge music

kaon [fr] is web site by Toy Bizarre and Bruno Moreigne

Yo Kubota [jp] proposes "Stange Music Archives" Mandelbrot music with fractal music free software [PC] to compose music. Also Medieval/Renaissance MIDI music, etc.

Antiorp 0 f 0 0 0 3 Great web site [perturbations etc] [repetition teaches humans] Music, design, internet and music software. 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 http:// 0 f 0 0 0 3 . m 2 s k 1 n 3 n k u n z t . m 9 n d f u k c . 9 9 o .

Tim Benjamin Symbiosis - a hypercycle

Tod Machover's Brain Opera Toy Symphony Meteorite Museum House of Music

Diamanda Galas official unofficial


Brad Brace "The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project"



Turbulence Art works on the Web

OPPOSITION DE PHASE An avant-prog and creative new musics radio show. The french radio show devoted to creadventurous musics !

Artists' Television Access



Le Monde Diplomatique

Human Rights in North America

Amnesty International on-line


Digital Domain "This web site is designed to help audio engineers and musicians make better Compact Discs and CD ROMs." Good articles to learn about.



Freeware / shareware / demo / commercial cheap software


Richard Dobson's Home Page Good info for computer music composer [PC]

From GRM (Groupe de Recherche Musicale), founded by Pierre Shaeffer in 1948 (Groupe de Musique Concrète) with Pierre Henry. GRM Tools 1.51 stand alone software works with Digidesign 442 NuBus card and interface. We're using a lot GRM Tools in performance. We're waiting impatiently for some updates of this fabulous software that will make it The Best for live sound effect: the possibility to connect all algorithms between them in real time: patching, to control 2D faders and sliders via MIDI controllers (a graphic tablets?), to save/record the sound treated in real time in sound editing software, to update GRM Tools stand alone for other cheapest sound cards, a native version for Mac and PC, Erased the clicks, etc... commercial product. GRM Tools 1.51 stand alone GRM Tools for Cubase VST + Serge deLaubier MIDI Formers (freeware Mac)

From Ircam AudioSculpt sound treatment not in real time but the quality of treatments. Modalys Modelisation synthesis (before Yamaha) not in real time but clean sounds from impossible musical instruments. PatchWork + Chant + Csound composition software but it take time to get in, and sometimes it's faster to have a piece of paper with some musicians around. Good to verify some math functions in quantitative composition. These software are in Beta version, it means that they do not work properly without bugs and crashes. We never understood why a governmental organization never offer these software as freeware ! ,

Here a good example: From GAIV Groupe Art et Informatique de Vincennes à St Denis (France) GAIV, Université Paris-8 Département Informatique 2, rue de la Liberté F-93526 St DENIS CEDEX 02 e-mail to Phonogramme for 68K or 68020 Mac or PC Create sounds from pictures and drawing French English Métro 3 for 68K or 68020 Mac Métro 3 est un séquenceur algorithmique développé par Giuseppe G. ENGLERT et Vincent LESBROS au GAIV. Il fonctionne sur Macintosh avec l'extension MIDIShare Both freeware

From GRAME or MIDIShare (Mac/PC) MIDI utility seems to be no more a freeware ? If not go to Harmony Central Elody (Mac OS8/PC) composition freeware

From Mil Productions, Inter-Actors (Mac) controleur MIDI universel interactif MODULARING (Mac) MIDI synth

From MPeckers, MPecker MPEG audio software for the Macintosh mp3 encoder and decoder for Mac

PlayerPro Sound Tracker Mac OS8/PC to download

Mac Audio Stuff Music freeware and shareware for Mac

Bomb It's not a music software but it's cool ! (PC/Mac) "Bomb is a visual-musical instrument. It uses alife, and is alife. It runs on your PC/Mac and produces animated organic graphics in response to the keyboard, audio music, or on its own".

Delicate Ear software freeware (MSP patch from a composer) that run with MAX or MAXplay (PowerMac604)

David Zicarelli the creator of MAX with Miller Puckette commercial products Pluggo (MacPPC) VST plug-ins package MSP (MacPPC 604) Set of signal processing objects for MAX M (Mac) MIDI Interactive composition program

From Miller Puckette's site Miller Puckette's freeware for PC Pd: real-time music and multimedia environment for Windows, IRIX and Linux. FIDDLE: Pd object for pitch following and sinusoidal decomposition. BONK: percussion follower for Pd

MAX is too expensive...............

Sound Sculptor Shareware (Mac) "Sound Sculptor II is a commercial quality sound editor for the Macintosh with overdubbing capabilities"

From Tom Erbe, SoundHack shareware for Mac PPC freeware (Mac) CalArts School of Music links of freeware for Mac http://shoko.CALARTS.EDU/~tre/CompMusMac/, For PC From CalArts

Scala (PC, soon for Mac) freeware tool for experimentation with musical tunings

By Norman Franke, SoundApp "A freeware MacOS sound player and conversion utility" · Japanese translation by Naotaka Morimoto at: · French translation by Franck Gazengel at: · Swedish translation by Christofer Karlsson and Jonas Lindberg at:

From Bare Bones Software, BBEdit lite 4.2 (Mac freeware) cool text editor

From Opcode OMS (Mac and PC?) freeware MIDI utility

Fetch ftp Mac freeware

From Alladin, StuffIt Expander (PC/Mac) freeware

Shareware Music Machine Music freeware and shareware for all platform

Karlheinz Essl freeware for Mac fLOW Amazing Maze, Lexicon-Sonate, Real Time Composition Library for MAX

From Faculté de Musique Université de Montréal, Cécilia (Mac/Linux/IRIX) "is an environment for music and signal-processing that uses Csound as its underlying audio processing engine" freeware

From Chas Stoddard Microtones and scale temperaments for Roland GS and Yamaha XG synthesizers temperaments packed in a standard zip archive. (works??)

From Bernard Bel Research on the Performing Arts Bol Processor shareware music composition software package for the Apple Macintosh® working with Csound, MIDI and QuickTime Music. (Mac/PC with BeOS)

From Barry Vercoe CSound freeware (Mac/PC) CSound info and links

Soundfield Demo software (PC). "Two programs to demonstrate the controls on the MKV , ST250 and SPS422. The visual representation of the polar responses is ideal for educational purposes. The programs work on either Windows 3.1 or Windows95."

Ambisonics and related 3-D audio research.

MPEG home page

Harmony Central Music freeware shareware and demo Amiga, Atari, BeOS, DOS, Macintosh, OS2, UNIX, Windows.

From ArchMusic inc. Kjartan Olafsson (Iceland) CALMUS demo / commercial product "(Calculated Music, 1988-1998) is designed for musical composition." (Mac)

Links for microtonal software

ftp of Mills College

From proVUE, RAM Check (Mac)

From Thorsten Lemke, Graphic Convector (Mac) shareware picture editor and convector (all format!) www.lemkesoft.pingnet.de

MacWare by name freeware and shareware for Mac

From Alberto Ricci, SoundEffects (Mac shareware) soundeffects 0.9.2 new location or

From HandWork software SoundFront FX (Mac shareware) is a set of digital-audio transformations that work as plug-ins for Alberto Ricci's SoundEffects/SoundMaker

From Amara's Wavelet Page

Doctor Audio Links

Music software to download

NoTAM Norwegian network for Technology Acoustics and Music Sound Treatment software for SGI platform

From Wendy Carlos's tuning table for K2000 and SY/TG77

RealTime Tuner, freeware Mac," integrated suite of tuning facilities"

From Curtis Roads, Cloud Generator, freeware Mac, non real time interesting granular synthesis.

From STEIM, LiSa LIve SAmpling software, Lick Machine, "is a real-time composition arrager and manipulator" commercial product forPower Mac not to expensive.

From Bjoern Bojahr, Production Calculator "is a small program to calculate loop-speeds, delaytimes, sequencertempi, tuning-parameters (pitch-bend, cent, fine-tunings) from given parameters"

Quaderno live composition software (PC, we hope soon for Mac) commercial product

AudioMulch cool shareware synth that mix techno with contemporary music style! for PC

From La Trobe University (Australia) main archive music software

Grain Wave

From SSEYO, Koan make music for the web in MIDI and mp3 format commercial product (Mac/PC)

From Human Machine Interfaces, Inc. InMotion 3D Audio Producer "InMotion provides complete environmental modeling capabilities including 3D positioning, professional quality reverberation, doppler motion effects, air absorption and occlusion modeling, and crosstalk cancellation." Demo for PC (no save but recordable on DAT)

From CDP [Composition Development Performance] Grain Mill "takes a sound and extracts from it small pieces - "grains", and recombines them, usually many times over, to form a new sound." Demo version for PC and other music softwares [no freeware]

At ProRec some music shareware and some good questions without answers!


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