LE JEU DU DÉGOÛT ET DU DÉSESPOIR qui est le JEU DU DEBOUT ET DE LA POIRE des dessous de la foire de la foire du dessous

Music for 9 musicians
(9? to sound 1 being surrounded by 4 + another 1 surrouded by 3, and other relationship combinations)

from 1989 by Mathius Shadow-Sky

Game Music Score [game-music; game-score; game-music-score; non-agressive-game-music-score; non-strategic-game-music-score]:
this music-game-score is to be performed in a live performance among other music from other composers.


Instruction of the music-game:
There is 64 linked squares. Each square describes an unique sonic attitude, a behaviour to perform (=> which are in the music-game 64). Each sonic-attitude/music-behaviour in a square depends from others, according of neighbouring squares' attitude. I.e. if a musicians is performing a square nearby, that will change the musical attitude of the performed square. The game is a causes-effects in chain (explain its name). If one musician is surrounded (= blocked) by 4 musicians, s/he has no choice to repeat her/his sonic attitude according to the 4 attitudes s/he is surrounded nearby = 4 possible variations. Itself, each sonic attitude/music-behaviour, from each 64 squares is a recognizable identity. Means that each of the 9 music instruments performing the same square, the sonic attitude is immediately recognized. The purpose of the game is to hear how music-behaviours sound in a short time music expression including in the context of a music performance with other music intentions.

1989 game-music-score created by Mathius Shadow-Sky bigger format inside

[2018 publication of 1989 (11/01) creation]



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