Ourdission generation 2 sings by the wind,
inside our bodies, the music of air turbulence.

Imagine the sensation being inside a huge musical instrument,
being immersed in its sonic and nonsonic vibrations
that move in high speed inside and outside yourself.

Imagine to travel in high speed staying in same place,
to feel different Earth climates moving through your body: the climate music.

Imagine being inside a pneumatic soft home where it's impossible to get hurt,
made with fibrous translucent textile wall that changes color according to sun light and outside heat: bionic architecture.
Option -• 3D bionic textile robot that move slowly inside the Air Vessel refuge.

Imagine the nocturnal Ourdission generation 2 light that doesn't illuminate as usual lights,
but bring you in a high speed moving sensation through worlds of your imagination.

Imagine being dipped in odors that change in short time period
to get the sensation of instantaneous and continuous moving of yourself:
from a humid underwood smell to the seaside smell
to a dry field of wheat ready to be harvested to a frozen swamp smell of mud
to the Underground Railway odor in a big city to get the felling of breathing polluted air from car ...
This is odor music.

Imagine that if Ourdission generation 2 is attacked by people,
who wants to destroy her by fire, projectile, or with a knife, etc.,
she will defend herself with bad: odors, sound, light and smoke hard to endure by these assailants.

World perception inside Ourdission generation 2 is a full rediscovering of ourselves
with requestioning of what we think that life is.


mathius shadow-sky



© Le Centre De La Bombe, July 2000