Refused re:composition

It happened!
We received the 24 August 2011 from Howard Leomin (Peter J. Evans) a re:composition proposal, and we decide with Falter Bramnk that proposition as unpublishable. This May 2012, we decide to publish that "work" as refused re:composition, for you to make your own judgement of what you considering being publishable music or not.

It was really hard for us to decide to not publish a re:composition according to the philosophy of the re:composition project of XX century avant-garde composers. But a minimum is demanded: a respect of what it is: the hard and huge work of composition of recomposed composers. Put some samples together does not mean that it becomes a musical composition. John Cage would it became offended? He did not meet the mediocracy of arts we are living nowadays. The most important ingredient for music to become music (sic), is that all parts together make something different that being together : 'the whole is not equal to the sum of its parts'. This is why music composition never ends and is a perfect matter for endless exploration to understand nature, mankind life, etc. Music is an emotional philosophy and science of vibrations. A full activity of growing up mankind intelligence.

Mathius Shadow-Sky, Toulouse May 2012

Howard Leomin (Peter J. Evans): Re-Nocturnal (3:36)
(a centrebombe re:fused re:composition of Edgar Varèse Nocturnal)
with following samples:
1. "King Poter Stomp" by Jerry Roll Morton, arranged by F. Henderson and Gill Evans (winds)
2. "D'yer Mak'er" by Led Zeppelin (drums)
3. Yo! Bum Rush the Show" by Public Enemy (gruff male vocals/piano cluster)
4. Different recordings of Nocturnal (soprano & bass/soprano interaction)
Download mp3 [3.29Mo]