.C e n t r e. B o m b e. c o m m u n i q u é:


a journey to .
the Unexpected Music Laboratory exploiting the elementary rhythm of matter
with Le Disque Du Centre De La Bombe [Bomb Center records]


propose to collect and put together in this web site "experimental music from women composers"



Experimental Music from World Wo-men Composers


"What happen to XXI century Transcontemporary World Music?"

will release in Le Disque Du Centre De La Bombe's 'Experimental Music from World Women Composers'



Le Centre De La Bombe invites young new generation women's composers from all over the world to contribute one composition. Whether acoustic, electronic or both. Compositions should not exceed six minutes. The first track received will be featured in their entirety on one CD. Le Centre De La Bombe will relinquish aesthetic choices of its own.



Please before to send your DAT tape or audio CD and text to the 'Experimental Music from World Women Composers's address, ask for inquiries by e-mail at centrebombe@yahoo.com

Please include a title and liner notes along with the composition. These works will be of course free of royalties.


Project conceived by Mathius Shadow-Sky with the complicity of Aloof Proof and Giancarlo Siciliano for Le Disque Du Centre De La Bombe /
Bomb Center records 1996.



First, your name, your music title, and your music in mp3 format
will be in the new
Modern Music from Woman of the World web page
of Le Centre De La Bombe web site


First call: spring' 96


Le Disque Du Centre De La Bombe: Bomb Center records