in the Centre of the Bomb [4]




- In MISS TERRA there is four different kinds of sound projections at the same time.
• One who surround close to the audience: small loudspeakers are under each sit and one at 12 inches above each head. These all small loudspeakers have one movement of flux and reflux, to the front to the rear, up and down with a constant speed. The breaths of the piano players are timing these movements.
• The second one moves the sound like a permanent rebounding super ball around the audience with an other constant speed too on eight loudspeakers.
• The third one generate earthquakes with infra loud sounds.
• The fourth one is far from the audience and describes slow movements like birds up in the sky in slow motion with four limited medium range loudspeakers.

myster shadow-sky, 1984





- The sound spatialization of OVER GAP
plays with four dancers
under the audience.
The sound moves up and down
crossing the audience.
The ceiling
loudspeakers are fixed in opposite way direction
of ground loudspeakers
where they move fixed in the dancers back.



myster shadow-sky, 1985




LOIn #2e