in the Centre of the Bomb [1]










OVER GAP for bass saxophone, bass clarinet and 3 bass drums. The device multiply the sax-clar entity in 5 hermaphrodite clones and apply its sound personality (formant) to the bass drum triplet enriched spectrum.


copyright © Le Centre De La Bombe, 1985





CONCERT BOUFFE for two double chairs (one suspended and one put down the floor) and two musicians, one fun played, second serious played. The device used contact mic, parametric filter, harmonizer-looper with keyboard, delay and 3D space matrix in a fun and serious way at the same time. The audience eat on the floor without chairlistening and dancing the music.


copyright © Le Centre De La Bombe, 1986



Shadow-Sky-Teub-System very fast spatialized deep impact music with subliminal sex pictures


copyright © Le Centre De La Bombe, 1996




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Déviation pour 2
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