in the Centre of the Bomb [2]
l a  m u s i c a l i s a t i o n  d ' o b j e t s  q u o t i d i e n s


the Exploratoire



With any object
we create music
"when an object
can tell a story,
it becomes a musical instrument":




2 Lamplayers' lamps ready for the performance  




Here some example of different objects that Mathius Shadow-Sky performs to create music:

• The metal chairs, suspended to keep the resonance and put down on the floor to stifle the resonance. He uses two techniques, one percussion with different drumsticks, second with bow. The sound was captured by contact microphones. -> Concert Bouffe.
• The rubbers are played like a pluck string technique and with bow. The rubber can be tense with the help of toes and the left hand who carry also the contact microphone. Lamplayers use rubbers on their architect lamp musical instrument [see above too.]
• The metallic bird cage was fixed on a wood table for resonance. The bird cage was played with pluck, percussion and bow techniques. At each of the four corners of the table one contact microphone. This simple device gave a quadraphonic sound system. -> Cage Music.
• The egg's cutter was played like a harp. He used this musical object with the architect lamp.
• The sauce pans were played as a percussion instrument tuned between them. -> La Commedia del Suono with Ono Lulu Filharmonia.
• The apples were eaten in polyphonic rhythm by six musicians with the following actions: to crunch, to chew, to swallow, and to spit. Fun! -> Avant Eve Et Adam Et Après.
• The windows was used in two different ways. First as a gong, second rubbing technique with sponge -> Plainte Chantée d'un Canard Expressioniste [in 6 ssssssX + 2 eX] with bow, with super ball, with brush. With rubbing technique you control the Pressure, the Speed, the Position, and the shape of the Movement: the Direction.
• The radio waves were simply played with the knobs of the radio! -> Parasites Électriques et Turbulants dans un Orage Magnétique [in 6 ssssssX+2eX]
• The plank with brush with rubbing and percussion technique. Also with super ball. Different planks were tuned. -> La Commedia del Suono.





"Some people says that to use object as musical instrument is no more than just sound effect.

A sound effect is one particular sound to be recognized as a sound signal.

If you develop a technique to generate more than one sound from an object, it become a musical instrument.

Everything can become a musical instrument, it depends of musician creativity.

Who said that drum sound is a sound effect?"





Some historical example:
The saw played with a bow. / [how to build your saw]
en français

The spoons bang together on leg.
The still violin was different sizes of tuned nails played with a bow.
The crystal glasses played with wet fingers.

Homemade musical instruments