in the centre of the bomb [1]

  a r c h i t e c t u r e   a s   m u s i c a l   i n s t r u m e n t



architecture is a resonator box where people are living inside, let's do some music inside



THE CHIMNEY DRUM next answer to Ourdission1

The Project was for the opening of La Villette Parc in Paris. They was an old factory chimney in La Villette area. Before to destroy it, people of La Villette Parc project wanted to use it for art performence. I proposed to use and transform the chimney in a giant drum-flute. The audience was inside the chimney walking on spiral stairs, staying or jumping on the huge trampoline, or suspended by large rubber. The inside drum audience was inside the sound and the sound was inside the audience. The drum skin was on top of the chimney with musicians playing different acoustic music transformed in electronic music and spatialized in 3D space inside the chimney. To access the inside chimney they was 3 long inflatable corridor.

myster shadow-sky, 1983




in the Drop Ceremonial Building

map, drop building center inside the enlighten chimney with 7 Ephemerodes's stages

This is the map of the seven Gods playing seven bad state pianos. Each God is on one circle stage inside the 18 meters' heptagon and plays his own history of time. The heptagon is surrounded by a white enlighten vertically tube canvas of 20 meters high. The inflatable building has a shape of a black drop with the enlighten tube going outside like a geometric volcano. The light ambiance inside the drop building is mysterious because it is the Ceremony of Times. Erre sings in the middle of the heptagon around her mic-tree. Each of the seven Atirnons' choirs is behind the audience. The audience place has no chair and goes up to the Atirnons parabolic room.

The Ephemerodes Card of Chrones: the score SAMPLE

partition complète et présentation de la musique

myster shadow-sky, 1981





the Dark Miror Cube building

The only way to get in the concert hall: the Cube of Rion Rionrim is to take the lift. Nobody knows if the lift goes down or up and it takes a long time to arrive to the first room, an antechamber where everybody has to take out their shoes. Then the entrance gives to a big light suspended [unstable] "tong" of Plexiglas. The inside of the Cube is totally dark. At the bottom there is 33 metal chairs looking at the center put in circle. The public sit on the chairs. Black & white TVs and loudspeakers surround the circle of chairs, they are in the dark invisible. In this silence and darkness, time to time a flash light appear here and there. The light of the "tong" very slowly decreases. At the total darkness the old TVs turn on with difficulty and start the piece by a face who sing a beautiful melody with the poem of Charles d'Orléans but step by step the mental code [the encodage 1], the gesture code [the encodage 2] and the communication media code [the encodage 3] changes they "translators" and generate a polyphony of sounds and pictures naturally impossible to do. The surrounding of a multiphonic singing grimaces. The coda is: the faces of the public fade with performer face which are filmed and shown on black & white TVs.


Rion Riorim: the score SAMPLE

myster shadow-sky, 1982





recent inflatable architecture project [2000]
the 2 Lamplayers edifice diagrams
Arco guitar edifice diagrams

Ourdission generation 2 the biosonic refuge [2001]
LOIn [Laboratoire d'Ondes Inattendues Nomades] #1





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