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Les Arts de l'Etrange of Le Centre De La Bombe
sell and manage the big events and the small performances
produced by Le Centre De La Bombe.
It organizes also the 24 hours' arts festival: "XIVème Feste des Arts de l'Etrange."




The SpectàCularts,


2_LAMPLAYERS_5000_YEARS_AFTER plays protohistoric music back to 5000 years on lighting musical instruments. There are two Lamplayers with masks and paint costumes, one Soundplayer mixing in 3D slow moving sound, 3D scenographic installation with bamboos and inflatable structures surrounding the audience, and two costumed video actors. This spectacle was given several times in Europe. Two CDs # ObCD 14-95 - 104:15 and # ObCD 17-97 - 49:18.


SHADOW-SKY-TEUB-SYSTEM plays alone quadraphonic fast 3D moving electronic and concrète-sounds to generate vertigo of the body and illusion of brain's perception. At the same time there are also a subliminal quadragraphic slide projection on four big screens. The live performances were unfortunately not recorded but Shadow-Sky-Teub-System made a CD, Strange Night with Myster Shadow-Sky # ObCD 11-94 - 60:00. we look for a commisioned work.



the Opera Spect-à-Culs,


KNOTS_SYSTEM_BOXED is an Opera using "knots" a text by Ronald D. Laing describing the relationship's problems (knots) between people. With 2 costumed speakers boxed playing badminton, speakers choir boxed and 20 inflatable 30 meters long white articulated arms tubes. Shadow-Sky is playing pvc-slide-sax, 9-tone electric guitar, samplers, keyboard, analog synthesizer and sound mixing. The first version was given at the 1998 Subtropics New Music Festival in Miami. The CD # ObCD 21-98 - 54:07. we look for a commisioned work.


S.P.O.R.T. : drum' n bass' n guitar energetic and loud electric political Opera. 1997 with Don [drum], MarcAnge [bass guitar], and Shadow-Sky [9-tone electric guitar]. The CD # ObCD 18-97 - 49:18. Today 2003 S.P.O.R.T. is looking for a bass guitar player. we look for a commisioned work.



The concerts,


THE_TRANS-CULTURAL_SYN-PHONE_ORCHESTRA is a multicultural symphonic music with at least HUNDRED musicians from all genre of music with myster Shadow-Sky as conductor and composer who creates a new syn-phônê at each concert. New musicians are invited at each new Syn-phônê. Each musician has a minor lamp. There are two Syn-phônes realized and recorded on CD, # ObCD 16-96 - 63:18 and # ObCD 19-97 - 66:23.


THE_CCMM_ARTCHESTRA is a music composed by a Collective Composers Music Makers. There is three moments. First we assemble a group of composers, then the collective writing score then the organization and the rehearsal with the CCMM Artchestrâ then the concert. The first realization of this project was make by the composers from Houston. There is a CD # ObCD 22-98 - 53:48. CCMM is a master class of composition.


ALOOF_SKY_IS_THE_PROOF_OF_SHADOW is a duo music with cubic cello [Mathius Shadow-Sky] and electric guitar [Aloof Proof] and sound system with a lot of little loudspeakers among the audience. There is a CD # ObCD 20-97 - 56:20.


K._STOCK/HAUSEN_RE:COMPOSERS'_BAND is a live consequence of the collective project "XX century contemporary composers re:mixed." A collection created by Myster Shadow-Sky started in 1996. The Re:mix Band 2003 is composed by: Myster Shadow-Sky (paris), Alfred Harth (seoul), Andrea Martignoni (bologna), Matthew Ostrowski (new york), and Laurent Dailleau (france). The performance is a live re:composition of Karlheinz Stockhausen's music, a new creation entitled: "hOld uP-Traité de décomposition, des Pilleurs d'E-paves". The CD # Ob-CD 23-96/03 - 73:19. wil be available in December 2003 where Stockhausen's pieces are re:mixed by 12 different composers who are PVH, Matthew Ostrowski, Adrea Martignoni, Alfred Harth, Falter Bramnk, Nicolas Brasart, David Fenech, Toy Bizarre, Acapulco Laps, le Vieux Thorax, Techtel Mechtel and Myster Shadow-Sky the initiator of the project. The project still continu.


is a solo music played on Arco-Guitar-Couchée by Mathius Shadow-Sky its creator, a specific bow technique on classical guitar: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GIVE A TITLE TO THIS PHENOMENON BECAUSE THE INEXPRESSIBLE BEYOND THE EXTREME EDGES OF SPACE AND TIME HAS NO NAME. In this concert there is a special gray lights and minimally four big fans to create winds current sounding. This concert traveled all around Europe. The CD # ObCD 02-83 - 60:41.
2d a huge musicalized object orchestra




The scores events and concerts,


OURDISSION_1 is a music for one (or three) flute player with the three flutes, piccolo in C or G, C or G flute and bass flute or contrabass flute in G. The music happened in a big clear inflatable tube where the audience is sitting. Ourdission is spatialized according to its score around the public up and down by the movements of the flute player in front of four quadraphonic microphones. The sound fluxes like a wind from front to back by 3D device system. This generates virtual waves that you feel under the water without water. The first performance was done in London in 1983. Duration: from 01:00 to 20:20.


TENSION is a progressive muscular contraction music going to paralysis with hard rhythmical breathing and heartbeat sounds. This music is written for double bass, violin, percussion players and stunt(wo)man plus a complex video, light and sound system. Duration 50:00.


RION RIORIM This situation-music happened in an infernal scenographic architecture of 10 meters cube darkness light building and "scenophony"* (scenophony means lived spatialized sound design) where the audience have to go in through an elevator to test the experience of the extreme edge of human perception. Rion Riorim is based on the "message journey going through different decoding and encoding to become understandable." Ivan Fónagy explains this process in his book "La vive voix. Essais de psycho-phonétique, 1983" The singer appears on old black & white TVs has to sing with too many barriers, a poetry of Charles d'Orléans from the XIIth century. Duration 35:00.


THE_EPHEMERODES_GUARDS_OF_CHRONES is a piece for 7 amazing costumed Gods named the Ephemerôdes who play on bad state pianos with a continuous tune changing mechanism of strings tension. Theirs music is to tell their own stories through their own Chronos Time. They have to untangle it again and again. This theatrical ceremony has imposing characters playing inside a huge vertical tube of light putting inside a huge light building in shape of a drop. In the center of the lighting tube there is a solo female voice singing around a sphere of microphones. This "MicTree" music spatializes her voice inside the Drop-building. Shadow-Sky thought to give this role of the Prophet-preacher of Delphes to Diamanda Galas. Around the vertical lighting tube there are loud speakers' planet moving around. Seven choirs are connected to the seven Gods to sing in a parabolic structure for straight sound projection. The duration is infinite.


LA_FARSA_DEL_SONIDO is a music for 7 keyboards as piano, harpsichord, accordion/bandonion, electric piano, church organ, electric organ 1 and 2 and 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, choir, strings and percussion. There are several versions to play La Farsa Del Sonido: in different scales than 12-tone and in frozen or unfrozen version. The score is written in 12-tone and unfrozen version, the version on ObCD # ObCD 13-94 - 10:22, available at Le Centre De La Bombe.


3 EPHEMERODES CARD SOME CHRONES LEFT FROM MIDDLE OF THE BOMB is a music for 3 piano placed in triangle with the audience inside to listen piano music moving around. The music was written in Rio in May 2000. On ObCD we have the computed simulation # ObCD 26-00 - 30:51, available at Le Centre De La Bombe.






people interested to be witness and lives these particular events,
please contact LezArds de l'Etrange du Centre De La Bombe at

Stange Dreamer Lezards


















a production of 3D films, movies and video movies in the SpectàCulArt environment.



Meeting between a musician and a film maker to produce music and pictures not for a reporting but for an original creation.



Production of science fiction short film.



Production of a very short (one minute) erotic film (cinema, video, slide, digital movie.)



the subliminal quadragraphic slide projection for Shadow-Sky-Teub-System,










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