Myster Shadow Sky puts in music
Ronald David Laing's Knots
to offer


live recording on CD from the performance: Knots System in Miami at Music Subtropics Festival 1998


 track 1  Knot 1 [page 38] _dowload mp3_ 09 : 10
 track 2  Knot 2 [page 5] 06 : 45
 track 3  Knot 3 [page 9] 09 : 57
 track 4  Interlude 06 : 32
 track 5  Knot 4 [page 15] 07 : 39
 track 6  Chao Miami  _download mp3_ 14 : 07


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"The first time I red in 1981 the text of Knots, I just thought to put them right away in music. 17 years later I got this opportunity to create that project in Miami, thanks to Gustavo Matamoros who invited me to perform at his Music Subtropics Festival in 1998. The next step of that project is to create Knots Opera with speaking choir and different protagonist non professional musicians playing with acoustic-boxes and my eclectic orchestra like I was conducting myself playing every instrument."

Myster Shadow-Sky


"A long time ago Myster Shadow-Sky wanted to join Ronald David Laing 's KNOTS poems with his music. Unfortunately Ronald D. Laing will never listen the result: he died the 23rd August 1989 of a heart attacked while playing tennis in St Tropez, France. The Myster Shadow Sky's Knots System in Miami is a marvelous trip around the world of acting people, trapped by Myster and composed in this huge fresco of Human Vibration we call music. A start for an opera."

This April 10, 2003 there is still no proposition to Myster Shadow Sky to start the creation of Knots Opera.

Pascalina Pica



Here you can read two poems, Knot 1 [page 38] and Knot 3 [page 9]
chosen among the others by Cheryl for the Miami performance:

 "Knot 1 [page 38]" text:

I want it
I get it
therefore I am good

I want it
I don't get it
therefore I am bad

I am bad
because I didn't get it

I am bad
because I wanted what I didn't get

I must take care
to get what I want
and want what I get
and not get what I don't want

"Knot 3 [page 9]" text:

My mother loves me
I feel good.
I feel good because she loves me.

I am good because I feel good
I feel good because I am good
My mother loves me because I am good.

My mother does not love me.
I feel bad.
I feel bad because she does not love me
I am bad because I feel bad
I feel bad because I am bad
I am bad because she does not love me.
She does not love me because I am bad.



2 costumed speaking voices playing badminton

Maritza Right light voice - playing badminton in WHITE overall & hood with
Cheryl Left deep voice - playing badminton in WHITE overall & hood [You can talk to Cheryl and be charmed by her voice calling University of Miami]
Myster Shadow-Sky Composition performing sampler, analogue synthesizer Korg MonoPoly, 1 CD, 4 cassette-tapes, 9-tone electric guitar, pvc-sax, percussion for tourist, voice, electronic MIDI keyboard for non professional, mixing table, scenography, costumes and stage design - in
WHITE overall & hood.


Live recorded at the Ambrosino Gallery & Mastered @ Le Centre de la Bombe in Miami


Here 6 pictures of the 1998 Miami performance
Here 4 movies of the 1998 Miami performance 1mb




Florida alligators knoted





Knots is a series of dialogue-scenarios, which can be read as poems or plays, describing the "knots" and impasses in various kinds of human relationships.

"In his earlier work Laing guided the reader to understanding. In Knots he compels him to experience.... To grasp this dense and difficult book one must be willing to follow Laing in his spirals of descent. If Knots is to yield, one must yield to the knots." James S. Gordon

"Dr. Laing's gentle determination to unpeel the bottom motive, the most inward secret of the heart, produces a curious combination of intensity and compassion....The heartbreaking ironies...belong to an artist rather than a psychiatrist.... "The voices of known demons rise from these pages: demons of guilt, demons of self-justification; demons of perverse will, demons of self-destruction. All the enemies of the human spirit are arrayed here as vividly, as warningly as in a medieval morality play. Those who believe that to unmask the enemy is a first step toward confounding him will find this a practical as well as a moral book." Melvin Maddocks

Laing, R. D. (Ronald David Laing), 192789, British psychiatrist. Born the 7th October 1927 in Govanhill, Glasgow, Scotland. After studying at Univ. of Glasgow (M.D., 1951), he taught there (195356), later moving to the Tavistock Clinic and Institute of Human Relations (195689) to conduct research on schizophrenia. He directed the Langham Clinic in London (196265), and founded a therapeutic community in which the hierachical distinction between physicians and patients was essentially eliminated. Laing maintained the controversial position that schizophrenia was a culturally conditioned, internal conflict, a reaction particularly to poor relations among family members. His works include The Divided Self (1960) and his autobiography, The Making of a Psychiatrist (1985).

1971: Knots is published by Penguin in Britain and Pantheon in the US.



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myster shadow-sky is looking for a commissioned work to create the KNOTS Opera



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