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  un portrait sonore de Myster Shadow-Sky par Falter Bramnk [nov. 2003]
  le livre [évoluant] du compositeur : Dans le Ciel, le Bruit de l'Ombre
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Les Guitares Volantes 8th album: LA GRATTE
Octophonic album released: March 22, 2022.
LA GRATTE disccover front icon


Les Guitares Volantes 7th album: ATTRACTIO & REPULSIO
Octophonic album released: September 1rst, 2021.

. Les Guitares Volantes 6th album: SATURE
with the collaboration of the Solune Shadow-Sky's baby voice.
Octophonic album released: May 1rst, 2021.

. Les Guitares Volantes 5th album: RESPIRE !
with the collaboration of the contemporary Sufi dancer:
Abdeslam Michel Raji and his breath.
Octophonic album released: April 1rst, 2021.
Respire! disccover icon

. Les Guitares Volantes 4rth album:
Les Guitares Volantes play a game of the 1984 music game:
An orchestra of 11 musicians in space in the relay form
Octophonic album released: March 15, 2021.
Les Guitares Volantes plays the Ephemerodes Card of Chrones disccover icon

. Mathius Shadow-Sky new octophonic album
 about the any feeling of the dictature's institution
 FROZEN FREEDOM reinstituted



. Les Guitares Volantes 3rd album: MYSTERIUM AERIUM
Octophonic album released: December 1rst, 2020.
Mysterium Aerium cover icon

. Les Guitares Volantes 2d album:

with 2 sides opposite music:
side A: Dance of Mad People, and side B: The Austere Ascetics (believing being wise men), the song with the participation of Luc Ferrari who died in 2005. Octophonic album released: October 13, 2020.

. Les Guitares Volantes 1rst historical electric guitar quartet in space, music recorded for the domestic context: 8 channels music:
for tridimension sounds trajectories sensations
Neither Beast Nor God Nor Monsters replaces the original title:
The Extraaction of the Triumphant Beast.
Octophonic album released: September 1rst, 2020.



. Mathius Shadow-Sky's 1rst historical electric guitar spatial music published for the domestic context with his inharmonic and nonoctave electric guitar, 8 channel record/album: LIVING the human species (released: December 1rst, 2019) = VIVRE l'espèce humaine est aussi un livre de 112 pages. Free download place to get the album:
VIVRE l'espèce humaine cover album icon

. Les Guitares Volantes (the electric flying guitar quartet) in recording session for their 8 channel album: The Extraction of the Triumphant Beast (should be realesed this winter) [check here down page for more info]
 WHY 8 channels? 8 channels (called 7.1) is the maximum for domestic listening, carried by the popular VLC the free video and music player.
. February: Les Guitares Volantes, at Triceratop #3, Ring Theatre.
Les Guitares Volantes
. Creation intention of the vocal quartet: Les Voix Filantes
  to sing on the basic of LLL the language of the lines

 [a particular year of strong censorship] 2018

. December: our polytrajectophonic music is censored by Grün Berlin
  to be performed at Tempelhof 4km² park. Why? To protect skylarks!
. November: Les Guitares Volantes at Audio Art in Krakow, Poland.   Premiere of the score: The Extraction of the Triumphant Beast
Les Guitares Volantes at Audio Art 2018
. October: The Language of the Lines for music in exhibition in Paris.
. Invention of The Language of the Lines music theory for the large choir of the Oroatorio of Disobediences. And the electric strings quartet: Les Guitares Volantes.

. May: 1 9 6 8 the oratorio, censored by Mix'Art, becomes:
The Oroatorio of Disobediences, outdoor in the city
(music censored by the Toulouse city mayor) le libretto.
. March-June: Les Guitares Volantes
censored in Toulouse by
Mix'Art Myrys and Le Theatre Garonne


Postponed? NO. ABANDONED music:

. DEI SOLATO the Swedish Affair, a FILMUSIC creation with No Audience Concert with a Swedish acoustic orchestra at EMS STUDIO the Electronic Music Studio in Stockholm in a (provocative catastrophic love song story?) final live performance with the Buchla 200 modular synthesizer and the Sweedish musicians. The project invited by Mats Lindström and Mats Erlandsson from 10th to 17th of April 2017 is postpone to May 2018. Even if the Film director Jany Kasmi disapprears without any news. We are seeking a new film director for THE STOCKHOLM EMS SERGE BUCHLA AFFAIR. contact The Buchla at EMS studio at Stockholm
. ÀDAPTATIO, Ouch! Babies are Escaping! the new spatial music band continue with a new producer: Mix'Art Myrys with Art Zoyd musicians (started in October 2016) in South of France invited and produced by Joël Lécussan, and concerts premiere in fall and winter in the East North and South of Europe, if we are ready in time: and it will not, so next year 2018?
. S.P.O.R.T. the 20 years old rock'n'roll band will rise this year with a new album: To Be Definitively Done with The Mediocracy, and gigs. S.P.O.R.T. = the Spetialists of Problems Obscene Racist and Taboo is: nervous drums & Shadow-Sky: nonoctave electric guitar'n voice'n keyboards: in state of reforming the band?
. À Tolerancia : what will happend with this opera?



. December 21, divorce with the false free artists collegiate Mix'Art Myrys.
. THE UNANSWERED & UNASKED QUESTIONS silent music to think.
. LES GUITARES VOLANTES the electric guitars quartet flies their sounds in 3D space, started the 4th of July (in the dark):
Les Guitares Volantes live 8th of July 2017
. Le livre des Ephémèrôdes pénètre en profondeur le sens et l'action de la musique de l'Ephémèrôde conçue en 1984 recréée en 2014 pour découvrir et comprendre son esprit et jouer la musique (publication sollicitée par Frédéric Acquaviva, à Berlin pour août 2017 en anglais). THE BOOK OF EPHEMERODES will be published in English in Berlin and French in Paris (postpone to April May 2018), performance of the composer the August 19, 2017 at La Plaque Tournante.
The Book of Ephemerodes cover
. HUMAN MUSIC shadow-sky's new album with the voice of Minami Saeki from Japan.
. Juin, publication de Vers une métamusique de Iannis Xenakis (1967)
. ÀDAPTATIO, Hey! Babies are Escaping! the new spatial music band continue with a new producer: Mix'Art Myrys with Art Zoyd musicians (started in October 2016) in South of France invited and produced by Joël Lécussan, and concerts premiere in fall and winter in the East North and South of Europe, if we are ready in time: and it will not, so next year 2018. The 1st mvt THE PRISON recorded in stereo + the introduction music and the poster for performances are published: ADAPTATIO
Every contract was broken and ignored or how to kill an original music creation...
. A contribution/tribute album for the poet: Rob Siciliano (my friend) who was killed, the December 11, 2004 at the age of 37, by his city: Toronto by lack of health care for poor people (he got a cancer). The album will be made by several musicians from the UK and I Myster Shadow-Sky, lead by the musician Marcus H in the UK (project on hold since April 2012).
. Le livre : de l'Extase, la Musique Extrême rapporte la création réalisée en 2007 avec un grand nombre d'images de l'oeuvre jamais publiées (en cours).
. Knots de Ronald David Laing retraduit pour la chanson (en cours).
. Janvier, publication de Réagir..., de Vinko Globokar (1969)



. November 22, 2016 7:52pm: The Aloof Proof's resignation: "... i'm not excited any more about all this music and sound stuff ...", "It is a big loss for Music, but a logical consequence in our mediocratic society. " said Myster Shadow-Sky.
. The concert TOTAL EXTATIC MUSIC with Aloof Proof + Bertrand Fraysse + Myster Shadow-Sky is the Shadow-Sky (winter 2016) stage come-back after a long illness: check the dates.
. Starting a new collaborative work with Fedaden based on Shadow-Sky's Satellite Rhythms developped in ADAPTATIO. A new dance style electronic music album will born to rise, called for now: GENEROUS.
. À d'apt à TIO, Hey! Babies are Escaping! a new spatial orchestral music creation at ART ZOYD STUDIO with musicians starts in October (album) in North of France invited and produced by Gerard Hourbette, and concert in 2017 (premiere) in the East and South of Europe.
. June, some concerts in Chicago invited and cancelled by Matt Lux.
. Releasing The Accomplices of Silence (2009) on quadra DVD audio, by Audiomat record label in Krakow (located in Poland).
. Publication du texte ECRAN (dec.2015) dans la revue de dessins sérigraphiques : Stomack n°9 2016.
. Musique de l'Ephémèrôde dans le film l'Archipel de Benoît Maestre.
LIVRES : check the BIBLIO
. Août, publication bilingue de ...Comment passe le Temps... (1956) de Karlheinz Stockhausen.
. 21 juin 2016. Publication de "NU, le livre de l'Oubli du Reflet les contradictions de la Sexualité Sociale", parle de l'amour et de ses interdits.
. Janvier, publication des Eléments Harmoniques, d'Aristoxène de Tarente (-330)
. CBS last.fm has stolen, without any agreement of the alive composer Mathius Shadow-Sky: his music, his music titles and his name to sell rooms for adds in its website.


. November. Publishing Le Mouvement du Monde as ebook to be printed.
. October, working on the pianomorphe score LA PAROLE PASSIONNEE with the voice of Gherasim Luca, the greatest poet of the XX century who died in 1996. It is a matter to create new rhythm to dance with speaking rhythm.
. Septembre, publication de l'ARS NOVA de Philippe de Vitry (1320)
. The book Dans le Ciel, le Bruit de l'Ombre continues to evolve.
. The opera ÀTolerancia is on hold: no context found yet for its creation.
. New music to dance album: electronic music to dance in starting block, free style wha wha mix to get high: PLIS. PAR LES PLIS PASSE LA BOUFFE album.
. 1995 issue of THE BOOK OF THE LAMPLAYERS, in May 23
+ Remastering of the 1995 Lamplayers' album
. New album: DOES IT RAIN IN OUTER GALAXIES?, in June 6
. THE VIBRATIONS, the Benoît Maestre film on Myster Shadow-Sky's music, reorchestred and recomposed together for the purpose. Official release in Septembre, in Toulouse in December.
. The Anarkhia Symphonic Space Orchestra started in december 2014 continuing in October 2015? do we doubt? in Toulouse?
. Free publishing of the Ars Nova (1320) by Philippe de Vitry, full text in French
. The 2d album of the duet Fraysse + Shadow-Sky THE SECRET IS REVELED: no plan no secret in shaman music. We just take time. On hold.



. 2014 Tour. There was lot of new music creation last year 2013. 2 of them are retained to tour around the World. The one is the Ephemerode Cards of Chrone, the nonoctave octophonic anamorphic piano recital performed with usual audio and musical equipment. This music is a start of a revolution for the next generation of musicians: it includes the new nonoctave harmony, the anamorphosis of musical instruments all being trajectorized in real 3D space. There is 2 Ephemerodes: one alive (me) and one ghost (in the computer memory). The Ephemerode worksheet. Studio album, and live album.

The Tetalab a group of computer programmers (C++, Pure Data, etc.) wants to joint the Ephemerode Cards of Chrone performance to shoot the 1984 3D score in the octographic cube.

The second one is The SECRET a noncultural acoustic duo music with no P.A. It involves myself playing Asian acoustic musical instrument (Dan Tranh & Erhu & Tanbür) plus my nonoctave electric guitar and the inharmonic analogue synthesizer EA/Korg, together with the young musician Bertrand Fraysse playing percussion and gong drums. The focus of the music is to reach the sublime: simple and effective. Both concert are convivial, we are playing among the audience in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A different way to communicate with music outside usual classical stage performance. The Secret first album. Page

The third 2014 project is to assemble young musicians to form the Anarkia Symphonic Space Orchestra to create Uncultural Hypnotic Sublime music in Toulouse and elsewhere. Page of registration

This year we will start the production of my next opera TOLERANCIA for 2016 with Mix'Art Myrys and the Ring theater.



. 2013 starts with the release of the soundtracks for the film l'Amour de son Prochain (Love thy Neighbour) directed by Benoit Maestre. 12 Musical cultural stereotypes with a disconcerting ingredient for the Benoit Maestre's movie: Love thy Neighbour. The 68mn album of music will be available soon for free download.

. In February the 21, the duet with Aloof Proof (1997, 2006, 2013) will come back like each decade, this time in Barcelona titled: 2 1 0 2 2 0 1 3 - A BRIEF RETURN TO EARTH. I would play Chinese violin jinghu and analogue Japanese synthesiser the Korg Mono/Poly. After 40 minutes of performing, the concert was forbidden violently by the police (forced evacuation of the art gallery). Check the album here.

. A performance in New York city of Try To Catch Me Charles! 3D space music with a strings trio playing Envoûtant d'Amour should happen (no confirmation yet) Captivating Love. The performance is canceled for April by the organization of the NYC Electroacoustiic Music Festival due to the difficulty to create the performance. The strings trio is too hard to play by the cellist Madeleine Shapiro says the Emeritus Professor Hubert S. Howe, Jr: "insane, not politically correct, and not easy to perform music". People from NYC are still arrogant.

. In June meeting with the drummer Bertrand Fraysse which gives a concert the 22 the Myster Shadow-Sky's Plan with Friends, the first step of a new musical style mixing gong drums, analogue synthetizers, and modified electric guitar. The next concert should be in September with one or two opera singers and other musicians. Not rock, not jazz, not electro, not serious, but something else with no name: the emergence of a new musical style.

poster of the 2013 shadow-sky's orchestra

. Radiom interview of the myster shadow-sky the June 6th: LISTEN

. A big project of spatial music, this time with 7 artificial piano in space performed as a live recomposition with the multipiano musical extended instrument (with computer). A recomposition of Les Ephemerodes Cardent des Chrones written in 1984. Accompanied by 4 opera singers teached by 4 foreign different Arabic poets (different arabic languages) what to sing. This part will be adapted from: Les Atirnons Erreurs des Temps written also in 1984. This 3D space music (with vertical turbulent trajectories) will continue to experiment winds, fog and shadows (live space light painting) in concert hall space in counterpoint with flying polyphonic nonoctavian music including the Artificial Space Girls Choir with Flying Preverbal Baby Voice. The first residency will be in December 10 to 22 at Mix'Art Myrys in Toulouse, and the world premiere in 2014 (with the opera singers). The difficulty to release the Ephemerodes & the Atirnons' music due to the cross social class organization: the Western rich opera administration mixing with a Western poor squat of independent artists mixing the poets from Arabic countries mixing with the high technology making real 3D spatial moving sounds (with elevation), the first rehearsals of the music ceremony has been postponed until winter 2013, and the world premiere has no date yet: 2014?

. The continuation of writting BANG BANG .0 for circular space orchestra of 61+1 musicians. I should end Les Tueurs de Trombes for trombone quartet trying to find them: looking for trombone quartet to work it out. The strings trio Envoûtant d'Amour cannot find its world premiere: New-York was canceled and San Francicco seems too, being canceled or unstarted.




2012. The main focus is to release Un Voyage au Bout du Possible de l'Homme where the orchestra will be in residency between April 18 to 28 2012 at Mix'Art Myrys where the next step will happen the October 25 in Toulouse. The purpose is to resolve difficulties like the musical instrument of 3D winds in permanent fog mixed with acoustic, electric, and electronic musical instrument. The Screaming Women Choir is a part of the music (see the Manual of Screaming Women Choir) screaming the Tiqqun Theorie de la Jeune Fille texts, with the Artificial Girl Choir texting Georges Bataille. Also a string trio (violin, cello, contrabass) which will play a dedicated score Envoûtant d'Amour (In You So Much spellbinding Love) as a part included in time with the trombone quartet playing a dedicated score: (Leur Sexes Tueurs de Trombes) the Whirlwind Players. The music was done incomplete. Musical projects performed in part as a world premiere in 2012: Un voyage au bout du possible de l'homme with 5 to 16 musicians.

Nowadays [2012] the purpose is to try to rebuild a space music lab with the broken devices and the missing devices to produce polyphonic spatial music (i.e. several trajectories of playing musical instrument sounds flying and reacting each other in 3D space). The spatial music works mostly with 3 combined hardware space machines : the SP1 (broken space processor) of Anadi Martel, the Orfeusz 206 of WAF, and the circular Doppler of GRM Tools with the Digidesign 442 connected on an old Macintosh Power PC 8100. Musical instruments to build the orchestra are various like analogue synthesizers (EMS VCS3, Korg Monopoly), MIDI synthesizer (Yamaha TG77), samplers (Roland S750, SP700 and Kontakt 2 which has a surround panner up to 16 outputs), musical object like the Archisonic Lamp, musical instruments from the world (as gong wadon and flute from Bali, harp from Colombia, broken clarinet from Turkey, Chinese violin called jinghu, etc.), and invented or transformed musical instruments (arcoguitar, 9 tone electric guitar, pvc sax, etc., and adapted Chinese jinghu with wooden stick bow on one string). The music is recorded in a PC computer as multitrack recorder and should be performed with MIDI controllers and live instruments on 8 loudspeakers setting a cube where the audience would be inside, where sounds are flying through their bodies. Wolrd premiere in September 2012 in Frabrezan French Corbières at the Son MiRé festival : Scary Music for the "end of the world" with Henri Demillecamps. Instead of making scary music (too easy) it will be a concerto with an octophonic orchestra of small wood percussion and trumpet (the EMS VCS3 is in bad state...) called Try to Catch Me, Charles! World premiere the 8th of September, and the 28th in Lyon.

myster shadow-sky starts a new opera Bellone the Slope of War where the world premiere should be in Den Haag Netherland in 2014.

Also +:
I started to write a next piece: Bang Bang .0 for Choir (32 voices), strings orchestra (12), trombones (7), electric guitar (5), and percussion (3). The ring orchestra will surround the audience with moving acoustic sound in space.

"After working the Artificial Girls Speaking Choir (synthesized voices for Un Voyage au Bout du Possible de l'Homme) saying Georges Bataille texts,
after putting in music the poet Gherassim Luca who died in 1995, first the poem: 'passionnement'.
I have an old work still in waiting with my friend who unfortunately died too young, the poet Rob Siciliano based in Toronto. luckily, he made a CD in 1996 called 'Flammable' where his voice is still alive for friends like me. I am in process of restoring that record of 36 poems (in my way of making his voice touchable - not far away) that should be published at centrebombe for free download, like other records. Also I use his voice as a matter for musical compositions that build a set to be performed. A gig with "the bereavement" of Rob voice."
Mathius Shadow-Sky, April 2012.

Also (since 2010 even more to now 2012):
I perform a solo electronic live music performance (with one Korg MonoPoly, a 1982 analogue synthesizer) is still on (go at soundcloud.com/myster-shadow-sky to listen the performance or download the album here). In 2012 the artist Fedaden join Shadow-Sky to gig a duet of 2 analogue Japanese synthesizers. The next step started the May 27 2012 is to perform to mix 2 musical instruments with more than 200 years of historical differences: take them out of their respective context and married them together. A solo performance with a jinghu (a Chinese violin from the Pekinese opera) and a mono/poly korg (a Japanese analogue synthesizer from the 80s: just before the DX7 yamaha).
Myster Shadow-Sky perform jinghu and mono/poly in the fog
listen and view to the pilot performance of myster shadow-sky playing in the fog, Music with No Name (youtube)

'May, June, November 2012, I will be making the music of the new Benoît Maestre's film entitled: l'Amour de son Prochain.'


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myster shadow-sky's gigs, events, concerts, performances...





















L'instrumentarium joué du myster shadow-sky (2022)

. Guitare électrique inharmonique polynonoctaviante
(à 6 échelles convexes et concaves) (avec pédales volume, de morphing et wahwah dans modulateur en anneau. Ça ? Pour qu'elle parle en accord bien sûr)
. Dan Tranh
(cithare vietnamien à 17 cordes joué à l'archet)
. Pianomorphe
(ensemble de claviers numériques en métamorphose accordés sur les échelles nonoctaviantes)
. Spatial trajectories sound generators processors
7 générateurs de 14 trajectoires hexaphoniques Orfeusz WAF de Nicolas Holzem routés à la volée dans : la matrice d'une console de mixage numérique de 56 entrées, 14 auxiliaires, 16 sorties (louée sans vénération pour la circonstance).
. Synthetiseur analogique EMS VCS3 + DK2
  (couplé en 2019 à une talkbox) Il ne me quitte jamais depuis 1990 !
. Synthetiseur analogique Korg Mono/Poly + sequenceur SQ10
(se complète avec l'EMS VCS3 par ses résonances octaviantes)


the myster shadow-sky's performed instrumentarium (2022)

. Polynonoctave electric guitar
(tuned on 6 nonoctave convex and concave scales + volume, wha, distorsion, verb, and ring modulator)
. Dan Tranh
(17 strings Vietnamese cithare, zither performed with bow)
. Pianomorph
(ensemble of computer keyboards tuned on nonoctave scales) soundind the Scalar Field Theory.
. Analogue synthesizer: EMS VCS3 + DK2
(analogue british synthesizer from 70s made by Peter Zinovieff in 1969 called Putney)
. Analogue synthesizer: Korg Mono/Poly + sequenceur SQ10 (last analogue synthesizer made by Korg a year before the Yamaha DX7)
. Percussions + objects
from bunches of long dry herbs to large Bali gong, Tubalu: aluminium tubular bells, wood, metal, paper, clay, plastic, and so on, percussion.)
. Voice
(mine. Mine ?)
. Samplers in pianomorph
. Spatial Sound Processor
(audio trajectories generators in tridimensional space: the 7 hexaphonic Orfeusz WAF from Nicolas Holzem)

& others as:
. Roland S750 + SP700 samplers
. Yamaha TG77 digital synthesizer
(the last FM synthesis started with the DX7)
. Tanbür
(saz bass with aluminium case)
. Colombian harp
(32 strings)
. Erhu
(Chinese violin)


Broken or abandonned musical instruments cassés ou abandonnés:
. My Jinghu, the Pekingese monocorde violin, BROKE ITS SNAKE SKIN: too dry climate in South-West of France! Mon Jinghu, le violon monocorde pékinois, a brisé sa peau de serpent: climat trop sec dans le sud-ouest de la France! . Jinghu, Pekinese monocorde violin (2012-2019)
. Le Blue Sky Cellocubic du Bauhaus a sa tête décollée puis son bois s'est désagrégé."Le bois acajou du cellocubic du Bauhaus s'est désagrégé, la caisse cubique se disjoint en permanence. The mahogany wood of the Bauhaus cellocubic has disintegrated, the cubic box is constantly disjoined.
. La flute balinaise est brisée. The Bali flute is smashed.
Je n'ai plus mon extraordinaire flûte balinaise
que j’ai brisée en marchant dessus (j'ai mis du temps à m'en remettre !).
. Trumpet and trombone. Je ne joue plus de trompette ni de trombone (à cause des bridges).
. The 2 octophonic trajectory generator SP1 SP100 from Anadi Martel are broken: this is a huge loss.
. the PVC Sax (2 PVC sliding tubes with 5 holes + saxophone baryton n°6* ROC mouthpiece)


Depuis 2007

"Je ne joue plus de la Lampe Archisonique [Archisonic Lamp]
ni en concert depuis 2007 (27 ans de jeu suffisent).

Since 2007

"I stopped playing and performing the Archisonic Lamp [la Lampe Archisonique] since 2007 (27 years of performance is enough).