voice beyond tempered melody in memoriam Demetrio Stratos i




s h a d o w - s k y - m o u t h - s y s t e m - i s


1.A. l ' A r r o g a n c e _ d e _ l a _ P r i è r e , _ t h e _ A r r o g a n c e _ o f _ t h e _ P r a y
Text in French: E. M. Cioran from "Précis de Décomposition" 4:38

2.D. l a _ B o u c h e , _ m y _ m o u t h
Text in French: Mathius Shadow Sky 2:10 dowload mp3 2.5mb

3.B. T o _ b e _ d o n e _ w i t h _ religion ,_ p o u r _ e n _ f i n i r _ a v e c _ l a _ religion
Short a cappella version for 4 mouthes 2:29

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ Le Centre De La Bombe in Paris & Forgues / France



"Shadow-Sky-Mouth-System, where the SpectàCul is a Looking-eyes theater,
of artificial Respiration, of vocal Grimaces and
of attached body expression.

The Question is the constant theme of the un-winded story of the SpectàCul.

The Singing A mix to the voice some aspects that couldn't be no more singing or words, something too much.
The Singing
D, the singing grimace is the expression of a skin removed and removed too slowly.
The Singing
B is a singing where several entities in a same body fight to keep the speech: a too fast voice mutation."

Shadow-Sky-Mouth-System is the practicing of mouth operations to extract the Mother tongue, because she causes the pornophonic emotion of deathvastating laugh."

Myster Shadow-Sky







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