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MYSTER SHADOW-SKY -> compositions & plays many instruments & voice



Ono Lulu Filharmonia story.

When Myster Shadow-Sky left Poland, he left also good friends' musicians. Five years after he came back to Poland and asked to a jazz journalist who in Poland is in avant-garde in music. The journalist invited him to meet these musicians at one of the jazz club in Warsaw. And what a surprise! All the musicians were his friend five years ago at the music school! Every body laugh of the funny situation and of course they stick together and exchange the experiences during these missing five years. Two projects came out after this meeting the first was a twelve musicians' ensemble and the second a duo with Michal Zduniak playing drum and Myster Shadow-Sky playing trombone. They made many performances all around the country. Poland at these times and the Polish audience was really open and passionate about all today's avant-garde music: the concert halls were always full! The duo Zduniak Shadow-Sky was the revelation of the year. Often after the performance the public came to see them to tell how deeply they were touch and time to time they was crying! The music was really beautiful. One of the performance was recorded but the tape was lost in Wroclaw and never found. In Zamoszcz both performances were video taped. At one of the performances Tadeusz Sudnik asked Shadow-Sky if he could joint the duo. And the duo became a trio! The loss of the tape made Shadow-Sky really seek, and he decided to make a recording the following year: