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"The Greco-Polish-French composer Mathius Shadow-Sky will conduct The Istanbul New Music Ensemble at the Istanbul Central Park on March 19th at 10 pm. The amazing La Farsa Del Sonido is a concerto for 7 keyboards in several simultaneous movements and in permanently speed changing. Each keyboard plays one note at a time and has to be in perfect synchronization with all other musicians of the orchestra to create this particular sensation of constant moving speed. Each musician makes his own layer alive in his own particular life-Time, but the entire orchestra can zap as one entity at any time. La Farsa Del Sonido is a can find in a desert of 10 minutes XX-century's concentrated music within a lot of blur "souvenirs" like Musorgsky, Mahler, horror music movie, XX-century Western contemporary music, techno-rock, etc. But when you listening to La Farsa Del Sonido you don't recognize it; you pleasantly travel within your spirit. The concert at the Istanbul Central Park on March 19th at 10 pm, will give us the frozen version in 100 minutes. We will be surrounded by fresh music beyond the borders. The CD version is short simulated 12-tone version."

Ugur Uçtum, Istanbul Chronicle (Translated from Turkish)

unpitched-tone version never recorded


The Ephemeral Istanbul New Music Ensemble

4 blowers: 2 trumpets, 2 trombones.
7 keyboards
: piano, harpsichord, bandoneon / accordion, electric piano, church organ, electric organ 1, electric organ 2.
: violin, viola, cello, double bass.
: soprani, alti, tenor, basse.
metal, stone, skin, wood.

played unexpected music conducted and composed by Mathius Shadow-Sky



la Farsa

math scorediagram

del Sonido


12-tone version recorded


_download mp3  9.6Mo LA FARSA DEL SONIDO [short 10:18 simulated 12-tone version]
You will listen the orchestral music LA FARSA DEL SONIDO the 12 tone version made with an Atari in 1993.
produced in 1993 by LE CENTRE DE LA BOMBE for the ObCD: LA FARSA DEL SONIDO . # ObCD 13-94 - 10:22

midi file 94Ko the score of LA FARSA DEL SONIDO. Today, the score of La Farsa Del Sonido has to be rewritten. The score was written using the Cubase List Edit to get precise rhythm value according to the skeleton of La Farsa Del Sonido. The problem is that with scoring software like Finale or Sibelius or Cubase Score, etc. there is no an exact "translation" of rational simple value written: a known duration value division from 2 to 15. Each scoring software generated or too complicated writing, or too simple writing. If somebody has a solution to regenerate the score with material, from this midi file, for the orchestra that would be welcome! e-mail



12-tone version, Recorded & Mixed in Forgues
Mastered @ Le Centre De La Bombe / France




Transcontemporary score music
Le Disque du Centre de la Bombe
(Omaggio alla musica contemporanea) GO