Shadow-Sky-Teub-System                           anatomic vibrations

T h e r e    w a s    n o   m o r e   m u s i c

T H E R E    W A S    N E V E R    M U S I C
M U S I C    N E V E R    E X I S T E D
J U S T    S O M E    S O U N D S    T O    F E E L    O U R S E L F    A L I V E
J U S T    S O M E    S O U N D S    T O    F E E L    O U R S E L F    S E C U R E

A N D    T H E    S O U N D    C A N N O T    E X I S T
B E C A U S E    I T    I S    J U S T    A N     I N T E R P R E T A T I O N    O F    O U R    M I N D...    T O    G i V E    A    S E N S    T O    O U R    L I V E S...    T O    R E A S S U R E...    B E C A U S E    M O S T    O F    U S    A R E    S C A R R E D    O F    L I F E. 

S H A D O W - S K Y - T E U B - S Y S T E M
A N    A N A T O M I C    O F    S H O C K I N G    W A V E S
T O    F O L D    T H E    S P A C E
T O    F O L D    T H E    T I M E
O U T    O F    S E N S




APPROACH :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: WE ARE STRANGE PEOPLE...

The Shadow-Sky-Teub-System is a live performance laboratory. A mental and physical experiment on human body and human sense of balance. My intention was to create an understanding of human vertigo by vibrations. This vertigo is created by extreme manipulations of tones, loudness, rhythms and fast movements of vibrations through space. It is based on the fact that extreme low and high loud sine waves are perceived by humans as 'massage-pressure' in head and abdomen. The experience is conducted through the constant production of moving loud impacts and sliding chords through four dimensional space and time around the audience. This bursted mix performance provokes a feeling of missing distances, yes, no distances among anything. The experience of being surrounded by extremely fast moving 3D sound creates a feeling of loosing balance and a feeling of some things are moving inside our bodies. This constant moving body pressure is contradicted by introducing of very quiet and soft breathes to relieve this sensation of constant body pressure - as if opening a window on a far away and astronomical distances."

Shadow-Sky interviewed by Gustavo Matamoros, Miami 1998.

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Sometimes, before the live performance: "the laboratory of experimenting mental and body human being balance," there is:
Teub-Up-Style speech:

"Tonight, the performance that you will be the exceptional witness is a unique and unforeseen event. You will not listen the Transcultural-Symphony-Orchestra, you will not listen the Lamplayer-5000-Years-After, you will not listen S.P.O.R.T. (the anagram for: the Specialists of Problems Obscene Racist and Taboo). You will meet the Shadow-Sky-Teub-System. To better understand the meaning of Shadow-Sky-Teub-System here is the English explanation: [the cok-system-in-the-shadow-from-the-Sky.] Few of you, know that Teub is the French invert word for Bite, written: t, e, u, b; so, to make it definitively clear, teub means Ckoc and Ckoc means coCk and cok means the human male sex. Repeat after me: "C, O, c, K: cock". Once again please: "c, o, c, k: cock", thank you.

In the run up of ejaculations, Shadow-Sky-Teub-System became the Teub-Up-Style. Teub-Up-Style meaning: the erectic music highly spermatized. Repeat after me: "the erectic music highly spermatized". Once again please: "Teub-Up-Style, the erectic music highly spermatized". The Teub-Up-Style developed by the French-culture is a way of life of stimulation to the debauchery destined to the big sex-music orgies to fertilize and to uproot men, women, young and old people who are frustrated. Shadow-Sky-Teub-System fights continuously against this terrible epidemic: the frustration. Repeat after me: "we will all fight against this terrible epidemic: the frustration" Once again please: "we will all fight against this terrible epidemic: the frustration", thank you.

But tonight Shadow-Sky-Teub-System will show you the illusion of music by the exploitation of elementary rhythm of matter to create a continuous anatomic shocking waves to fold our common space and time.

We wish you a beneficial journey in the center of the bomb."


Des photos et des enregistrements pirates ont été effectués en France du Shadow-Sky-Teub-System. Messieurs les photographes et preneurs de sons qui ont pris du Shadow-Sky-Teub-System , auriez-vous l'extrème gentillesse de nous faire parvenir vos oeuvres au Centre De La Bombe afin de les a-voir dans notre site web du centre de la bombe pour que chacun puisse en profiter. Nous vous rappelons que ces documents pirates sont la propriété de l'artiste.



Strange Night With Myster Shadow-Sky
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