an Ourdission™ generation 2,
is a giant tubular inflatable Aeolian harp of 322 strings.

Ourdission generation 2 is welcoming people inside her,
to feel interactive high speed spatialized music
of sounds, lights, odors, climates, and matter of air.

An alive musical instrument who reacts
to human and atmospheric behaviors.


by Mathius Shadow Sky
A sonic, luminous, smelling, and climatic giant being musical instrument which is a human interactive habitation in perpetual evolution.
.for Montreal in 2001, Europe in 2002, United States in 2003 ...
technical drawings : Pierre Jutras, Eric Beaulieu, Mathius Shadow Sky.
t h e _ B i o n i c _ R e f u g e _ H a r p














Ourdission generation 2
est un laboratoire permanent et publique
qui expérimente la spatialisation du son et du climat dans l'espace
et étudie ses effets.

Ourdission generation 2's team
in Canada. Please contact us for European Team.

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