Bauhaus new sound



Music with 3 original musical instruments from BAUHAUS

from Dessau Germany 1925

1. CelloCubic      2. MarteauPiqueuràCordes      3. Triguitare


The FONICS [FOrmes Nouvelles d'Instruments à CordeS] built by Jean Weinfeld from Bauhaus [Dessau 1925 - 1930]


Myster Shadow-Sky met Jean Weinfeld in Paris in 1985 [sixty years after!] and proposed him to extract music from his Bauhaus strings sculptures that any other composer accepted : because these musical instrument was uncomfortable to play. Jean Weinfeld was enthusiastic because it was the first time that its Fonics sounded in musical composition. Myster Shadow-Sky composed and performed a series of 7 pieces entitled Dïngx [dingue in French mean incredible or mad and dingx in local Polish mean thing]. These Myster Shadow-Sky Bauhaus music traveled around the world with the Fonics exhibition from to the Lincoln Center in New York to Appolonius Haus [invited by Paul Panhuysen] in Holland where Mathius gave a live performance.



where each music is a story


1. la Louve Blanche
"The white she-wolf was discovered killed. By misunderstanding. By fear against The beauty. A white she-wolf lies down in the snow with her frozen blood. Her human lover follows his own fear than his love. He didn't know that she-wolf was his wife."
music with the MarteauPiqueuràCordes, 4 : 40
2. Danse des Métalyptiques
"Escape from the clinic, the Metalyptic, find nobody in the town and rebuild themselves an other world."
music with the MarteauPiqueuràCordes, 1 : 18

3. Sainephonie [download mp3 7.6mb]
"Paganini was reconsidered music just for the Sympathy-for-the-Sound without shine himself"
music with the CelloCubic, 8 : 10
4. Conversation Molle
"Underground conversation between the Pope and his penis became has it is."
music with the the MarteauPiqueuràCordes, 2 : 16
Danse heurtée sur le Mont Chauve
"Slavic witches meet for their monthly full moon masturbation meeting on the shaved hill Shadow Sky the hunter of sexual frustrations."
music with the MarteauPiqueuràCordes, 2 : 16
Il m'est impossible de donner un titre à ce phénomène car l'indicible au delà des bords extrèmes de l'espace et du temps ne porte pas de nom
"As H. P. Lovecraft says nothing in our human being life is sure, because we don't know why we live, the scare born by unknowing what's going on. We try to live in most safe and complete assurance but the fear is always inside us."
1986 version with the Triguitare, 18 : 10
7. Danse de la Tortue et du Homard sous la Chanson du Griffon par temps d'orage
"Beyond the mirror as knew Lewis Carrol we don't know who exactly we are, a Tortoise? a Lobster? a Griffon? a dance? a storm? or the scene? But does it matter?"
music with the CelloCubic, 7 : 30
La Louve Blanche start again
"After he discovers the dead body of his wife, Alfred became hunted by the wolf horde until the end of his life."
second version music with the MarteauPiqueuràCordes, 7 : 30

total time 51 : 50

the disc cover



Recorded @ Le Centre De La Bombe Paris France


About the Myster Shadow-Sky's Blue Sky Cellocubic

Trio Fonic
Le Disque du Centre de la Bombe (the center of the bomb records label)


background picture: Paul Klee tapes