Major artists of the XXI century stay hidden, and you need a real talent to discover them
des trajectoires audibles dans l'espace ?

Since 1997, centrebombe is online, on the Internet, an open door offering the music works of Myster Mathius Shadow-Sky and some talented friends. Since that time; 23 years, there is no real human feedback as expected? like an invitation for an original music creation somewhere on Earth with human friendly contact; according of what was done since 41 years of Mathius Shadow-Sky original music creation, thought, and theories. The function of the website made for users, is to feed for free music lovers (there is approximatively 100 albums downloaded per month at
But is it enough?
He Ho? Somebody there?

"Internet network is not free (but it should be): I have to pay personally for this permanent presence: pay my name (the domain name), pay to park my music works for you to download it for free (out of subversive commercials). To pay for you, to get knowledge for free for you, isn't it a paradox?"

"I have touched the limit of enjoyment (by feedback absence): and I am asking you, anonymous users, what I have to do? Tell me: or just an email telling: Thank You Mathius"

[February 2012, updated in 2015, 2020]

centrebombe means: vibrations' birthplace
- but vibrations birthplaces are everywhere!
- yes, centrebombe are everywhere.

since 1996:
Mathius Shadow-Sky is building another age for symphonic music
with the Trans-Cultural Syn-phônê Orchestras from the world

The last attempt to gather 100 musicians from all genre in an orchestra for an original symphonic music creation, was in Berlin in 2007. The economic censorship was too strong for Mathius Shadow-Sky to fight, and makes him forced to cancel the project. Many TCSO are waiting around the world since 1997...

since the 80s:
Mathius Shadow-Sky is building another age for Trans-Class Orchestras: 1984-90 Ono Lulu Filharmonia,
The Trans-Cultural Syn-phônê Orchestra
2005-06 The Shadow-Sky-Ensembles
2007-08 L'Extrême Sonique Sans Concession Réuni,
2017- Les Guitares Volantes,

nouvel orchestre symphonique spatial à .........
Anarkhia Symphonic Space Orchestra
inscriptions 2016 ouvertes pour résidence le .
le projet de Toulouse est en suspend par manque de musiciens et musiciennes

Since 1981:
Mathius Shadow-Sky is building another age for opera:
Momus (1981), Test-Aimant (2004), La Farsa Humana (2005), No Things (2001),
De l'Extase la Musique Extreme (2007), Les Rescapés de l'Hégémonie Culturelle (2008), Bellone the Slope of War (201x?), ta Maison à TOLERANCIA (2018)

The time of opera are not done like most of composers like to say by lack of access to the means. Opera today is still performed and thought like in XIX century: in the same opera house with the same education in classical school of music. For an original alive composer, it is a nightmare. The way to make a different opera form, is to leave the opera house, and work without the unlimited means of the genre made for the glory of rich people exploiting poorness.

1980-2007: the history of the Lamplayer 2600 BC to 2007 AD

To create a musical instrument from an usual object with a result of sophisticated music from 5000 years sounding calandar was a way to demonstrate that original music can come from everything: not only from avant-garde and technology.

Since 1995 Mathius Shadow-Sky, thanks to Gyorgy Kurtag jr, appeal to re:compose music from XX century contemporary composers calls :

XX Century Contemporary Composers Re:composed by the next generation composers

A tribute to these XX century composers who was free to compose and release their works among an enthusiastic audience: the major lack of our next generation that fights mostly against censorship.



The consequences of: royalties thief, the thief of artists copyright, the obligation for artists to pay their own royalties to publish their works, the propaganda prosecution as criminals against artists giving their own works for free on the Internet, and so on; make that Mathius Shadow-Sky creates in 2003 a sign of recognition about copyright abuse with a book of many examples that prove copyright paradox: music and property does not work together. SACEM is in France the most important private company collecting royalties for music where Mathius Shadow-Sky is a member since 1980. In 2004 he asked for his resignation, but the SACEM ignore its demand and continue to collect his royalties without paying him.

Dans le ciel, le bruit de l'Ombre [livre en évolution] clic to read

Like most of composers and musicians accumulating a huge amount of knowledge by their specific exploration and experiences. Mathius Shadow-Sky starts to assemble his writing since 1979 in 2007 about music technique for music composition, but in 2008, by a circumstance of cultural political abuse, he started trying to understand links between original music creation and politic power, the strong fight between artists and politicians: the origin of censorship. The book is written in French, not yet translated in English.

« Le livre : Dans le Ciel, le Bruit de l'Ombre, est un livre évoluant en ligne. L'idée est que ce livre réjouisse de ce que la vie nous offre. Tout en accrochant les frustrés et les croyances qui peinent les autres. Il y a aussi de la cuisine de compositeur que les non-musiciens peuvent éviter. La vibration du monde est comprise à partir de la musique. Sachant que la musique est le reflet vibratoire des idées et des attitudes humaines. Je manque de retour quant à mes écrits. Ma musique je sais, personne ne la comprend ! quoique mes écrits aussi, ah ah. Moi-même, le mystère de l'ombre dans le ciel ; que veux-je ? Comme tous, vivre & jouir de vivre. »


As a part of the book, here is:
over 257 nonoctave shadow-sky music scales ready for our next harmony
                               A CONFIDENTIAL MUSIC REVOLUTION:
                               the Scalar Field music theory
with nonoctave scales and chords


5 others books to understand how we human beings created the MEDIOCRACY (and how to extract it from us):

Le Journal Vigilant d'Exemples Médiocratiques
[2006-2011 &+ 2018]
Try with real examples to understand how our societies are manipulated intentionally by ourselves to stay in ignorance and in illusory protection against illusory enemies. Written in French, not yet translated in English.

Le Mouvement du Monde [2012-2015]
After Le Journal Vigilant d'Exemples Médiocratiques (The Vigilant Diary of Mediocratic Examples) with Le Mouvement du Monde (the Motion of the World = How Moving is People), we open another box to question and try to understand the fondations of our hostile societies. Written in French. download the ebook

Les Mondes en Mouvements
[started 2014-
Les mondes en Mouvements (Moving Worlds) questions the mythology of the Western science. Written in French.

La Douleur du Monde
[started April 2015-
After Le Mouvement du Monde (How Moving is People), we will question and try to understand worst than domination, why human beings perpetrate persecution among them. Written in French.

VIVRE l'espèce humaine
[started May 2018-
Deeper analysis of human behaviours in societies? Written in French.



the centrebombe free library La bibliothèque libre du centrebombe
free BiBLiOgraphy Of AuTHORs during 2 and half millenium of music
Last publications Next publications Past publications [French & English]

● 2018 LLL the Language of Lines, the new chords-shapes music theory
● 2018 the libretto-book of The Oroatory of Disobediences
● 2017 August/September Berlin release: The Book of Ephemerodes by Editions AcquAvivA
● été 2016 publication de: NU, le livre de l'Oubli du Reflet (les contradictions de la Sexualité Sociale)

● + authors as Aristoxène de Tarente, Philippe de Vitry, John M. Chowning, André Riotte, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Vinko Globokar, Iannis Xenakis, etc.

Autres Ecrits - Other Text (English & French)

comme pour les autres, comprendre de quoi il est question.
as others, to understand what is everything about.

     Critiques de LIVRES des autres

The Spatial Shadow-Sky Orchestra Experienced

1990: Ono Lulu Filharmonia
in a spatial sound pyramid

1995: the Lamplayers 5000 Years After
in spirals sound space

2007: De l'Extase, la musique Extrême
21 musicians in a double elliptic quadraphonic

2008: Les Rescapés de l'hégénomie culturelle

2012: Rebirth of censored 2008 music:
Un Voyage Au Bout Du Possible de l'Homme

Un Voyage au Bout du Possible de l'Humain
Oct. 25 2012: spatial concert report

2013: Rebirth of unplayed ceremonial music:
Les Ephemerodes Cardent des Chrones

2017: Les Guitares Volantes

some video works on & of Mathius Shadow-Sky at:
• TV Bruits is the independent TV in Toulouse since 2k like elsewhere in France, where Internet help to avoid censorship: but for how long?
• centrebombe video channel at YouTube [the Ephemerode live at Audio Art Nov.2014]
Les Guitares Volantes The Extraction of The Triumphant Beast world premiere at Audio Art Nov.2018

Mathius Shadow-Sky's GIGS, performances, and CONCERTS
Mathius Shadow-Sky's MUSIC in waiting for commissions & residencies

the centrebombe free netlabel audio centrebombe archives
centrebombe audio archives to download for free
the centrebombe records label?
diffusion des oeuvres du centre de la bombe [texte.2003]

orphaned pieces of music at soundcloud

CONCERTS of the composer

Want to help the music to be done of the composer?
This is the page for donation to the composer.

News of the composer

DISCOGRAPHY free downloadable of the composer
and centrebombe music archives to download for free


Now on [start: January 2017]. Creation of the 1st spatial electric orchestra: LES GUITARES VOLANTES the 1st polyspacial orchestra ever in the human music world
  from 4 to 14 (for now) electric guitar players, where their sounds are flying independently in the real tridimensionnal space (dodécaphonic P.A.) as polyspatial music.
  Todays, there are 4 guitar players: Myster Shadow-Sky + Stéphane Barascud + Stéphane Marcaillou + Laurent Avizou
+ guests as 2 sound engineers and up to 14 electric musicians

Les Guitares Volantes live 2019 December 31, 2019: new album: historical premiere: the instrumental spatial music for home context: VIVRE l'espèce humaine [3Go]

Now on [start: 2019] 2020 Vocal quartet expected: LES VOIX FILANTES [to join Les Guitares Volantes quartet] singing LA LANGUE DES LIGNES

On hold [start: November 2017]. Creation in May 2018 outdoor in Toulouse [place St Etienne] censored by the mayor: l'OROATOIRE des Désobéissances

Now onoff [start: December 2013] THE EPHEMERODE CARDS OF CHRONES [piano recital from 1984]
(the Ephemerode cards some chrones) the Ephemerode is an ephemeral prowler which resolve time knots by playing an unheard music flying in a real 3D space with uncountable & unidentifiable pianomorphes (keyboards in a perpetual morphing).

Myster Shadow-Sky performs uncountable & unidentifiable pianomorphes, a recital in a moving octophonic 3D space with audio trajectories percing the audience bodies by moving inside. In a cubic octophonic P.A. with no stage: a convivial space design to perform among the audience (sponsored by Pianoteq, WAF, Scala, Spatial Processor).

Affiche Les Ephémèrôdes Cardent des Chrônes d'Alexis Sadowski pour l'état de fabrique du 20 décembre 2013 à 20 heures

download the worksheet specification pdf 1.3Mo
Diary of the recreation 1984 - 2014 (in French)

[free Ephemerode's albums]

Most of composer-musicians without orchestra turned to piano recital. The keyboard is the representative instrument of the Western polyphonic music for a solo musician. (I have in mind: Colow Nancarrow who as a nonpiano performer used a player pianoroll, I have in mind: La Monte Young and his "just intonation" tuned piano, I think also about Diamanda Galas who ended her voice career with the piano recital, I think also about Keith Jarret or the without audience recital performer Glenn Gould (as J.S. Bach piano-refuge), I think also about List, Chopin, Mozart and all the many others.) The 10 fingers keyboard music supports the Western harmony development (and the human Western isolation). It is a tradition to use the piano keyboard (with the need of a serious evolution according to the shape of our 10 fingers in 2 hands, is now still the no-other-choice to notice the thinking music) to listen other harmonies as now nonoctave. Our digital keyboard softwares system allow to listen to nonoctave harmony with unheard sounds, both in metamorphosis with multiple keyboards perform by one musician at the same time.

2018 duo expected: The Ephemerode & the Atirnon
  The Ephemerode recital will join an Atirnon, a singer to perform her voice with the pianomorph in concert (flying also in tridimensionnal space). Still seeking the voice.
  An Ephemerode carder the chrones with an Atirnon wandering the times (un Ephémèrôde cardeur de chrônes avec la voix d'une Atirnone erreure des temps).


[performance, concert, recital, opera, gig, booking page]
[contact the composer]

* "after? it will be too late: shadow-sky will be dead" but dead, any artist becomes inoffensive = under control, and his work can be exploited safely. [1]



direct download

Records Disques

  the 1995 unpublished book of the 2 lamplayers (with remastered music)


  September 24, 2015: PAR LES PLIS, PASSE LA BOUFFE
  to dance or not to dance

  June 1, 2017: HUMAN MUSIC


  December 1, 2019: VIVRE l'espèce humaine
  historical premiere of spatial instrumental music at home


Books Livres

  September 28, 2015: Ars Nova (1320) by Philippe de Vitry
  traduction française, texte intégral + questions et commentaires

  November 9, 2015: Le Mouvement de Monde (published as ebook)

  June 21, 2016: NU, le livre de l'Oubli du Reflet : les contradictions de la Sexualité Sociale) réédition 2019

  May 27, 2017: Vers une metamusique de Iannis Xenakis

  May, 2018: The Book of Ephemerodes (printed book by Editions AcquAvivA, Berlin) français / English

  July, 2018: livre-livret de l'OROATOIRE des Désobéissances

  September, 2018: LLL La Langue des Lignes (pour le choeur et l'orchestre)

PAST albums/performance  

Always on [since March 1990] LE MONDE DES MACHINES ANALOGIQUES (Out of Mind Analog Synthetic Music to Dance)
                      included sometime in Ephemerode's performance

Myster Shadow-Sky
. KorgMono/

Solo [2010] album live: ASSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ [free download]
Together alone [2015 A] album live: Does It Rain In Outer Galaxies? [free download]
Together alone [2015 B] studio album live: Par les PLIS passe la Bouffe [free download]

poster of myster shadow-sky space music                                                          Try To Catch Me, Charles! ? still onTry To Catch Me Charles! second poster tour
myster shadow-sky performs a Wood Percussion Virtual Orchestra within octophonic P.A.
on MIDI keyboard




    • Now off [since October 2013] THE FALSE SECRET BECOMES REVELATION [the Fraysse-Shadow-Sky's ecstasy shamanic music]
Now off [since September 1995] Aloof Proof + Myster Shadow-Sky

"The Secret becomes Revelation: a noncultural acoustic music duet with no P.A. It involves Mathius Shadow-Sky playing Asian acoustic musical instrument (Dan Tranh & Jinghu) plus its nonoctave electric guitar and the inharmonic analogue synthesizer ElectroHarmonix/Mono/Poly, together with the young musician Bertrand Fraysse playing percussion and gong drums. The focus of the music is to reach the sublime: simple and effective. The concert is convivial, they are playing among the audience in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A different way to communicate with music outside usual classical stage."

Aloof Proof and Myster Shadow-Sky are performing since 1997. They recorded 3 albums: 1. ALOOF SKY IS THE PROOF OF SHADOW (1997), 2. ALIVE IN UNBELIEVABLE UNIVERSES (2006), 3. A BRIEF RETURN TO EARTH (2013)

Myster Shadow-Sky
. nonoctave pianomorphes
. nonoctave electric guitar
. EMS VCS3 analogue synthesizer
. Vietnamese Dan Tranh
. Pekinese violin Jinghu
Aloof Proof
. electric guitar + electronics
Bertrand Fraysse
. large gongs drums & percussion + feedback + Serge analogue synthesizer
Christophe Deflorenne (depends)
. live performance of lights & shadows
with bulbs

No P.A. required, The Secret becomes Revelation plays in unexpected, specific, exceptional, and pleasant acoustic architecture among the audience.
"we need transportation of our fragile musical instruments (which needs 2 cars or a small truck) and us 3."

Le Plan Fraysse Shadow-Sky + Myster Shadow-Sky + Aloof Proof (Barcelona 2013) = TOTAL EXTATIC MUSIC is DEAD the November 22, 2016?

download the last 2013 album of the SECRET to get an ideal
download the first 1997 album THE PROOF OF THE SHADOW to get an ideal

SECRET presentation page

LAST CONCERT? the November 19, 2016 [bootleg recorded with a cellphone!]

- Who is Mathius Shadow-Sky?
- Mathius Shadow-Sky is one of the unknown major music composer of the Western history, the major space composer after Karlheinz Stockhausen and Iannis Xenakis, but less formal, or more free in music fulfilment.
- Why Mathius Shadow-Sky is an important composer in Western Music?
- Beside being productive, creative, and original with honesty, Mathius Shadow-Sky extended the Western music theory, called: the Scalar Field Music Theory (as important as Johann Sebastian Bach did 300 years ago) based on nonoctave scales. He revolutionizes the concept of music writing by introducing non-linear score first by injecting the Game-form in music with unfixed music duration. He revolutionizes the concept of musical writing by figuring unwritable multidimensional mapping network scores. He is the first composer that created tridimensional XYZ audio space trajectories from instrumental music liveperformance (started in 1982 with Ourdission for flutes). His deep spirit of freedom and open mind drove him to write many (...).
- Mathius Shadow-Sky is it a music pioneer?
- Who cares?
- Last question: what is a nonoctave scale?
the myster shadow-sky music space project since 1980
le lOIn [Laboratoire d'Ondes Inattendues Nomades]
the E-Motion Lab for:
musical instruments as buildings edifices as Sonic Architecture
the Scenophonic and Archisonic music Lab as l'EXPLORATOIRE
the real time instrumental spatial polytrajectophony for choreosonic music

Heureux anniversaire centrebombe ? en 2017 centrebombe a 20 ans dans le réseau Internet

Ne sommes-nous pas toutes et tous fatigués de tous les obstacles que les êtres humains posent partout entre eux ? à s'entrenuire. Et en ce qui concerne le Savoir : l'empêcher à atteindre lecteurs et lectrices, ou le mettre à condition de péage directet indirect, marque la volonté d'entretenir l'ignorance : c'est un crime de société. À tout passage, quelqu'un pose un obstacle conditionnel, en général un péage pour traverser ce qui avant était libre et devrait l'être. Un chantage permanent et banalisé : une extorsion pour maintenir les positions de domination et les perpétuer. Ces êtres humains qui se rendent nuisibles à boucher les flux (créer des caillots, des cancers) sont kyrielles à vivre le confort du parasitage : leur rêve humain d'agir au minimum pour être surnourri de confort = vivre le luxe de gâcher. Tout notre fonctionnement social est fondé sur ce désir et cette impôsition du péage = la masse humaine servant quelques élus.

Internet a été créé et remis au public pour l'échange instantané de savoir (sous forme de données numériques) et l'accès gratuit par une prise de téléphone qui aujourd'hui s'étend aux micro-ondes radio du WiFi dont les accès sont fermés par le péage à quelques compagnies privées escrocs à se guerroyer l'appropriation illégale en vertu des principes de sa création. Cette fermeture des accès libres a débuté intensivement au début du XXIe siècle. Jusqu'à la violence (mise en danger et en péril physique des gens) Hadopi (en France) pour le compte de l'industrie du cinéma américain d'Hollywood (le bois saint ?) avec l'argent public des impôts. Sans compter la réduction du réseau WiFi individuel de 300 Mbps (méga bit : 300 millions de bit par seconde) à 54 jusqu'à 6. À ralentir la durée de recherche de savoir. Toutes les portes qui se ferment depuis l'an 2000 qui se déverrouillent partiellement par le péage et le chantage (« register » pour espionnage des désirs privés, influences publicitaires personnalisées, remise des clés de sa boite aux lettres email, intrusion domestique par micro et caméra intégrés, etc.). Les nuisances majeures des sociétés humaines proviennent principalement des gouvernants (autoproclamés constitués d'une armée assassine) et surtout: des gouvernés volontaires. Des organisations telles : Le Projet Gutemberg, ou Ubuweb et tous.tes les Autres (hackers, partageurs, peer-to-peereuses, etc.) sont continuellement attaqué par l'économie du chantage et du racket, mais centrebombe avec elles continue à donner ce, depuis + de 20 ans (sans péage, ni publicité, ni inscription, ni malware et autres cookies espions qui enquiquinent l'existence).

where it should go before




















2016 ugly news: CBS has stolen, without any agreement of the alive composer Mathius Shadow-Sky: his music, his music titles and his name.
In 2021, this aggression is still not repaired and not excused by the thieve billionaire Sumner Redstone.




















































l'antre du webart Started in 1997 until 2001 with images and sound interactions, some netart pages with today navigators do not work any more: unfortunately. Due to pursuit of profit and fame of computer tools companies: the action of selfishness destroys means for art.














































Why safely? Why people are fearing artists? because the affluents fear 2 actions from the slaves-loosers: being free, and knowing the thruth. Artists (true, not false) are knowledge makers, truth makers, in contrary of scientists who pretend revealing the thruth which is the picturing of their imagination: the illusion of what it is seen, then believed.

Pourquoi en toute sécurité ? Pourquoi les gens craignent-ils les artistes ? Parce que les influents craignent 2 choses des esclaves (les perdants sociaux) : être libre et connaître la vérité. Les artistes (les vrais, pas les faux) sont des créateurs de savoir, de vérité, contrairement aux scientifiques qui prétendent révéler la vérité qui est l'image de leur imagination : l'illusion de ce qui est vu, puis cru.

Inoffensif = qui n'attaque pas (pas d'offensive, qui n'offense pas), mais alors, pourquoi les propriétaires redoutent-ils tant les artistes à les considérer offensif donc agressif, générateur de souffrance par la violence ? Si un artiste réalisait ça, il serait militaire, pas artiste ! Qu'est-ce que le nanti redoute chez l'artiste ? La liberté et la vérité : 2 actions qui anéantissent le capital volé aux autres.

Inoffensive = that does not attack (no offensive, no offence), but then, why do owners fear so much artists to consider them offensive = aggressive, generator of suffering by violence? If an artist realized that, he would be a soldier in a army, not an artist! What does the owners fear from the artist? Freedom and truth: 2 actions that annihilate the stolen capital to others.





the centre of the bomb is The Myster Shadow-Sky's music exploration and creation nomadic laboratory exploiting the Elementary Rhythm of Matter
1979 - 2022
ANNIVERSARY: centrebombe on the Internet, date of 1rst connection: November 27, 1997. 2022: is 25 years old