Indoor: the Lamplayers play in a time travel sails ship.




Outdoor: the Lamplayers play in an inflatable bubble. Surrounded by 8 huge color skin balloons among tense cables. On the floor a huge reproduction of the Genoscopic Kalandar transcription on 8 sails who closed and opened like flower petals.



diagrams by myster shadow sky



Joint researches with the nomadic Unexpected Waves Laboratory in the center of the bomb, about scenophony and sound spatialization

start the story of 2 Lamplayers 5000 Years After from the beginning

a Philippe Courtois movie from the spectacle Alive in New Europe A.D.

a Donus & Pascalina movie from the spectacle 5000 Years After the Music from the Genoscopic Kalandar

2 Lamplayers 5000 Years After in a Sky Sphere project

Les Arts de l'Etrange are Strange Lizards from the center of the bomb