2 Lamplayers 5000 Years After

5000 Years After Music from the Genoscopic Kalandar




3 "Days" Somewhere in Time

on double ObCDs


Memory Reactive Clock

Hours of used life

Time Guards


1rst "Day"

1 inside the Other's womb Awaiting the Dawn 09:00
2 the Washing up at dawn 08:00
3 the indefinable odor of a bedroom late in a morning 04:40
4 the Growth of intellect (water dance) at twilight 06:41
5 Forgotten on Earth: Revenge Night 02:13
6 waves of intimate libido (wave dance) Late at night 10:53
7 a Place of bewilderment; of non-sense No Time 06:36

2d "Day"

8 Beyond the sleep fence daybreak download mp3 03:48
9 Procession in the intestinal Flora afternoon download mp3 01:32
10 the Steps of Nourishing machines night fall 02:21
11 Deathvastating laugh dark night 04:34


3rd "Day"

12 white sleep, a struggle for awakening without sun 12:46
13 the Fuzzy Head and reflux the high Sun 07:14
14 the bridal meal at Zenith 04:50
15 the Swing at its moisture 06:13
16 evening, the Forgotten Bedrooms without moon 02:38
17 at down on the 4th "Day" re-viving 10:10
18 nothing more, the time cast off without Time 00:00





Music from 2 clay tablets dated back to 3000 years before Christ.

"I feel a very strong time presence into your music, some kind of consciousness or memory bringing back feelings linked to childhood : the discovery of the real world, the infinitely small and the infinitely large, the feeling of an inner time, of subterranean times."

Pascalina Pica, Intervista, Milano.

"The music of 2 LAMPLAYERS 5000 YEARS AFTER creates an electric dance where sounds and rhythm shock themselves between rock and Techno music, force and softness, warmth and modesty: a disconcerting universe like an Eskimo speech, sang in Africa. An innovative music put on a tensed string, continuously looking for an unstable balance. This inexhaustible engine marries the most avant-garde technology devices playing for us our familiar environment. 2 LAMPLAYERS 5000 YEARS AFTER expresses deep feelings with an uncommon language. They play on lighting musical instruments made with metal springs, rubber strings, wood bows, glass globe: they create the sound of the light. They are like a sounding crystal from where comes this unexpected light which lights and transforms our simple view on things. They never say a word that gives to us the possibility to classify this universe. Music to discover for the adventurer in search of unusual event."

Thierry Viel, Flash Magazine (Translated from French)



"play the music from the Genoscopic Kalandar, a clay tablet discovered in 1921 by the archaeologist E. Comte at the Mohenjo-Daro site in the Indus Valley (actual Pakistan) dated back to 3rd Millennia BC and engraved of musical ideograms: a musical calendar."







VINCENT FAVRE, lamplayer 2
MATHIUS SHADOW-SKY, lamplayer 1, voice, composition, sound engineer, direction and research.



PR. E. COMTE for the Genoscopic Kalandar communication,
PR. P. MONTET for the Byblos Disc communication,
PR. J. L. LAFOND for translating the Byblos Disc from the Phoenician,
PR. J. BLACKING for his text about the 2 clay tablets,
A. COSTES for archeological research.
GIANCARLO SICILIANO for proof reading and translating,
MICHAEL FIBE for translation,
DONUS for filming 2 Lamplayers,
MANU for reading and correcting texts,
DALAÏ LAMA for his interest, and his Lamp's music poem,
LUBOMIR BACKCHEF for filming 2 Lamplayers,
SEBASTIEN RIGAL for his photo of 2 Lamplayers,
ALEXIS BOSCH for having exerted enormous pressure to release this CD,
LAURENCE MAS for her special sculpture for the 2 Lamplayers' CD,
NATTY GRILL for her calligraphic Phoenician study,
MU for asking the story of 2 Lamplayers 5000 Years After,
PASCALINA PICA for her interview for INTERVISTA, filming, and her Lamplayers costumes,
PIERRE PLANAT for his work on a lot of brains,
GAR-P for mixing "At dawn on the 4th day" on CD2,
THIERRY VIEL for faxing his enthusiasm for Lamp's music.



Trapping & multiplexing the Ludic Lamps' Waves @ Le Centre De La Bombe / Forgues





• The Lamplayers history
• Interview of Myster Shadow-Sky about lamp's music and the 5000 years old musical clay tablets

• 2 Lamplayers during the recording of the first album

• The second album of 2 Lamplayers

• The history of the Lamplayers from 5000 years with protohistoric music beyond time

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