"The Residents sound like a pop group compared to Ono Lulu Filharmonia and Diamanda Galas seems to be an effectual enhancement on her more extremal recordings" Greg




a Spect à Cul in 14 acts

Opera tion Della Bocca

01. ouverture même pas (even no)
02. 1rst mvt: tchèka tchèka où où . scene 1: qui est qui? (who is who?)
03. 2d mvt: Piio na fé so . scene 2: nos sèves craquent (our saps fall for split?)
04. 3d mvt: Péka péka tchu u . scene 3: l'art de Chine (Art from China)
05. 4th mvt: O békako Séma . scene 4: la chambre des intimités (the room of privacies)
06. 5th mvt: Mayo sa Brü . scene 5: Tortures comiques (comic tortures)
07. 6th mvt: A tiki ti . scene 6: le culcul assassiné (the culcul killed)
08. 7th mvt: O ao . scene 7: la voie d'Yma (Yma's track)
09. 8th mvt: Sè na hô . scene 8: la marche des mâles (the males march)
10. final . l'Extase (the extasy)
4 anonymous of XX century
. the first: rencontre (meeting)
12. the second: l'acte sexuel (the sexual act)
13. the third: explosion
14. the fourth: valse après l'amour (waltz after love)

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ONO LULU  filharmonia    the incomplete hermaphrodite is
Olga Szwajgier soprano coloratur
Michal Zduniak percussion, drum, tubalus,car door, timpani, saucepans, marimba
Tadeusz Sudnik synthi EMS AKS
Marcin Krzyzanowski cello, piano
Myster Shadow-Sky electric guitar, voice, trombone, trumpet, pvc-sax, lamp, cithar, direction, composition.


Recorded & Mixed in Warsaw by Woychiech Przybylski
Mastered @ Le Centre De La Bombe

explore the raw expressionism
of Slavic music



Olga Swajgier & Shadow-Sky's picture in 88
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