Mathius Shadow-Sky



composer, international performer, non-profit organization director, conductor, sound engineer, researcher, professor, cultural manager, programmer, web master.





Doctor of Music in Theory and Composition (Esthétique et Science de l'Art)

@ University of Paris I Sorbonne 1991

Dissertation: "Formalization and expansion of scales systems field vol. 2"

Prof.: Iannis Xenakis


Master of Music in Composition and Aesthetic @ University of Paris VIII 1987

Thesis: "Formalization and expansion of scales systems field vol. 1 (music Materials mastery)"

Prof.: Daniel Charles


First and Second Certificate in Music Education @ University of Paris VIII 1982/1983

Profs.: Costin Miereanu (composition); Giuseppe Englert (computer music);

Marc Battier (electronic music); André Riotte (musical mathematics analysis);

Ivanka Stoïanova, Francis Bayer, and Davorin Jagodic (musical analysis).


Bachelor of Music, Philosophy & Acoustics @ Academie de Paris 1979


Studies in composition, theory and electronic music

@ Warsaw High School of Music Conservatory, Poland and

@ Experimental Electronic Music Studio in Warsaw 1978-79

Profs.: Wiszniewski (theory), Kotonski (composition and electronic music)


Studies in history, theory, conducting, piano, improvisation, performing, classical guitar

@ Warsaw School of Music, Poland 1970-77


Paris School of Music, 1970-77

Studies in classical guitar, theory and history





·John Cage @ Metz, France Happenings 1984

·Karlheinz Stockhausen @ Metz, Paris Composition 1983-84

·AES convention & conferences in Paris + 0vu Sound engineers'meeting 1980-83

·Polieri @ University of Paris VIII Scenographic and theater techniques and production 1982

·Gilles Deleuze @ University of Paris VIII Philosophy 1982

·Iannis Xenakis @ University of Paris I Sorbonne Theory and Composition 1982

·Acoustic Laboratory of Emile Leipp @ University of Paris IV Acoustic of music 1982

·Pierre Boulez @ IRCAM and Collège de France Composition 1981




Composer and event director

1979-99 see compositions and spectacles


Art Center Management

@ Le Centre De La Bombe in Paris, France 1987-91

@ Le Centre De La Bombe in Forgues, France 1992-97


Music Teacher & Professor

@ Le Centre De La Bombe, Forgues, France: taught courses in composition, computer editing, acoustics, sound engineering, music performance 1992-97

@ College School in Paris, France: taught courses in music history, composition and performing 1988


Sound Engineer

@ Le Centre De La Bombe (recording, mixing, mastering, digital editing) 1987-97

@ Polish Radio Recording Studio, Warsaw, Poland 1986-88



Ono Lulu Philharmonia (Poland), Transcultural Symphony Orchestra (France), 1985-97



@ Atelier de Recherche Instrumental (Pierre Yves Artaud) @ IRCAM 1982-83

@ Le Centre de La Bombe, France (3D Moving Sound, Computer Performance, New Scaling

Instrument, New Instrument) 1979-1997



Playing: guitars [electric and acoustic], pvc sax, analog synth, samplers, MIDI synth, objects like architect-lamp, voice, conductor, percussion, keyboard, berimbao, tiple, tanbur, invented instruments, stage-MIDI and digital sound studio-sytem, etc.

Bands and orchestras created 1984-1998: Knots-System, 2 Lamplayers 5000 Years After, Transcultural Symphony Orchestra , S.P.O.R.T., Shadow-Sky-Teub-System, Trio Fonic, Ono Lulu Filharmonia, Solo with Arcoguitar, Electric guitar founded and performed in rock and jazz bands 1970-77, Classical guitar: Poland, France 1969-1979, Europe Tours: 1972-97: in France, Poland, Germany, England, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Greece ...



Music softwares, pictures softwares, text software, web site design software, video movie editing software.
MIDI: Cubase, Logic, Vision, Metro, Finale, MAX, M 2.5.5, RealTime Tuner, LiSa, Lick Machine, Bol-processor, PatchWork, PhonoGramme, etc. SOUND: Protools, SDII, Waves, DINR, Peak, AudioSculpt, Deck II, Sound Forge, Acid, Samplitude, CDMasterlist, GRM Tools, Hyperprism, Ionizer, Kong Filter, SoundHack, Cecilia, Turbosynth , Antares MDT, Eternal Machine I, SonicWorx, SoundEdit 16, Adaptec Toast, CD extractor, Toast, Modalys, etc. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dimensions, Graphic Converter, Painter, etc. Quark Xpress, Word, Acrobat, PageMaker, BB Edit, etc. Adobe PageMill, Dreamweaver, Webexpert, Front Page, Gifbuilder, ra and rv encoder, mp3 encoder, etc. Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Movie Cleaner, etc Operating Systems on: Mac and PC.


Le Centre de La Bombe (France) 1987-97


An independent cultural center for production and performance of free music and art creation in Paris and South of France with artists residency, recording studio, music laboratory, master classes, festival "Fête des Arts Etranges" and CD production.


Responsibilities: events coordinator, artist relations, sales, production and circulation of publicity material, fund raising, grant proposals writing, arrangement of facilities, programs, development of mailing list, liaison with foreign consulates, contacts with media including press, radio and TV, any and all matters relating to marketing, publicity, public relations, advertising and flyers, board of directors, memberships, coordination of guest artists concerts/festival: artist relations, work permits for foreign artists, contracts for international and national artists.


Significant accomplishments: developed publicity campaign and format for faculty and guest artists; developed grant proposals; built new audiences for faculty and guest artists; organized "la Fête des Arts de l'Etrange" in conjunction with local Counties.


Speaking languages French, English, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese notion.




1998. "Knots System in Miami" chamber opera for 2 speakers, one multi-instrument player, badminton, white costumes and 20 30 meters long tubes inflatable tubes (CD)

1997. "Live in New Europe 1997 AD" music for 2 Lamplayers (CD)

1997. "the Aloof Sky is the Proof of the Shadow" music with Aloof Proof guitar & Shadow-Sky cello (CD)

1997. "S.P.O.R.T." (The Specialists of Problems, Obscene, Racist, and Taboo) music for drum & bass & guitar (CD)

1997. "Syn-phonê NO2, le beau chaos" music for the Trans-Cultural Syn-phone Orchestra (CD)

1996. "Syn-phonê NO1, le boxon ensemble" according to "Score Out" music for the TSO (CD)

1991-96. "6 000 000 000 de voix sans air" music for artificial voices (CD)

1995. "5000 Years After Music from the Genoscopic Kalandar" protohistoric-music by 2 Lamplayers (CD)

1994. "Strange Night with Mr. Shadow-Sky" dance musique-concrète (CD)

1993. "Mangé" music for voice in computer (CD)

1992. "La Farsa del Sonido" music for 2 trumpet, 2 trombone, 7 keyboard, choir, strings & percussion (CD/score)

1988-90-93 . "Opera-tion Della Bocca d'Amore" works for solo voice of Mathius Shadow-Sky (CD)

1991. "4 songs for Karioka the Divine" electronic songs for the Polish singer Karioka (CD)

1989. "Bauhaus NeoFonics" music for the Trio Fonic with Bauhaus strings instruments (CD)

1988. "La Commedia Del Suono" music for Ono Lulu Filharmonia (CD)

1987. "Quasi Mortal Bedroom" for solo percussionist, bed and his melodic instrument (score).

1987. "Les Explorations Saint Ethique" / "The St Ethics Explorations" for the Shadow-Sky's 9-tone electric guitar (CD)

1986. "Momus" Opera-Happening for bells keyboard, choir, actors, percussion, tapes, narrators & church (score)

1986. "Les Lignes d'Erre" for Huge orchestra in countryside (score)

1986. "Dïngx" music for 3 BAUHAUS string instrument. (CD)

1986. "Je suis d'Ailleurs" music for Ono Lulu Philharmonia. (CD)

1986. "6SSSSSS+2eX: 7 Xtrems studies for unmusical instruments. (CD)

1985. "Erre" version 1: music for female voice, laurel branch leaves, big drum, sines and 3D moving sound device (score);

version 2: music for female voice around sphere of microphones linked with The Ephemerôdes.

1984. "Les Atirnons Erreurs des Temps" music for choirs linked with The Ephemerôdes (score)

1984. "Avant Eve Et Adam Et Après" / "Before Eve & Adam & After" parasitical music for any instrument (score)

1984. "The Parasitic Games" music for 6 DJs and drummer, music generates by the game (score)

1983. "It is impossible to give a title to this phenomenon..." music for lying down classical Arco-guitar played with wood stick with extremely slow bow technique (CD/score)

1983. "Les Ephemerodes Cardent les Chrônes" / "The Ephemerôdes Guard of the Chrônes" music for 7 bad state pianos (score)

1982. "Rion Riorim" performance for face, voice, electronic device, video and edifice room (score)

1982. "Déviation pour 2" / "Corruption & bribery for two" music for sound environment & electronic device (score)

1982. "Ourdission" music for 3 flutes bass, mid, piccolo, 3D moving sound and inflatable clear edifice tube (score)

1981-82 "Tension" music for 2 bowstrings instruments, percussion, breaths and muscles contraction (score)

1980. "Ludus Musicae Temporarium" music for articulated angel poise lamp, a transcription from the 'Genoscopic Kalandar' a clay tablet discovers in 1921 in Indus Valley and dated from 3000 BC

1979. "Cauchemar Atomic" / "Atomic Nightmare" for 1 to 6 electric guitars (CD/Score)


Sound Explorations


1997. "Le Transcultural Symphony Orchestra" (performed by 60 musicians playing different musical styles)

1996. "ShadowSky Teub System"--electronic-loud-live-sounds-spatialized-with-high-speed- quadraphonic-system for body pressure sensations)

1996. "Le Boxon Ensemble" 40 musicians orchestra which performs improvised music conducted

1987. "Meteor, the 9-tone guitar" Created new performance techniques for electric guitar called "Les Explorations St Ethique"

1985 invented: the "PVC (slide) sax"

1984 invented: the "Tubalus" (a hit and plucked inharmonic sounds of tubes tuned on unusual scales)

1983 generated: the "Arco-guitar," a wood stick bowed guitar which generates strange psychological phenomenon

1982 invented: the "Rubber double bass," Bamboo-stick and Spring Plugged Bowed Stick


Music created with common Objects


1995. "2 Lamplayers 5000 Years After"--musical interpretation of the Genoscopic Kalandar (proto-music from the earlier civilizations) adapted for the multicomplexinstrument on architect-lamps

1990. Opera "Spect á Cul air, hein!" (Bourges Experimental Music Festival) Giant Drum and Giant Bell on stage

1979-87. "6SSSSSSeX+2eX" composed suite for objects and unmusical instruments

1986. "Concert Bouffe" (Food Concert for chairs used as percussion instruments

1983. "Inflatable Giant Flute" (London),"Ourdission" for piccolo, C and bass flutes

1982. "Cage's Music" music for bird cage and simple 3D sound projection.

1980. "Ludus Musicae Delirium" music with architect lamp





1998. Performed "Knots System"

1997-98. Performed 9-tone guitar and voice with S.P.O.R.T.

1995-98. "2 Lamplayers 5000 Years After" - a musical interpretation of the protohistoric-music from the earlier civilizations

1995-98. Shadow Sky Teub System - an electronic dance live performance in quadraphonic system

1996-97. Conductor for the Le Boxon Ensemble and Transcultural Symphony Orchestra

1989-91. Trio Fonic (an ensemble with 12 Bauhaus string instruments and 3 to 5 players)

1984-85. Performed Trombone and Electric Guitar in Jazz Ensembles in Belgium, Poland, and Germany

1986-90. Performed trombone, guitars, trumpet, percussion, voice, and conducted Ono Lulu Filharmonia (Poland)

1983-85. Solo Music with 'Arco-Guitar'

1972-79 Performed Electric Guitar in Rock and Jazz Bands which he founded in Paris and Warsaw

1977-79 Free jazz with guitar (Hybrid Jazz Club, Poland)

1972-78 Classical guitar recitals in Poland and France




· March 20, 1998 - "Scores are not music, how to draw scores: several systems."

University of Miami School of Music, Coral Gables, Florida, USA


· March 9, 1998 - "Philosophical approach of making and writing contemporary music."

University of Houston School of Music, Texas, USA


· February 19, 1997 - "Formalization of musical intentions: the virtual musical instrument"

University of Miami School of Music, Coral Gables, Florida, USA


· 1996 - "How to Scaling Out of Our 12 Tones Temperament with usual and unusual instruments?"

Annual Courses at Le Centre de La Bombe, Forgues, France


· July 1996 - "Building Easy Musical Instruments for complex Composition"

Summer Master class at Le Centre de La Bombe, Forgues, France


· November 1996 - "New Aspect of Technology to Use in Musical Composition"

Workshop at the University of Toulouse, France


· December 1995 - "How to Realize 3D Moving Sound with Cheap Equipment"

Workshop with the students at Le Centre de La Bombe, Forgues, France





American Composers Forum - Acoustic & Engineer Society - Electronic Musician





Katowice Composer World Award, Poland 1988





· Significant management experience in nonprofit arts organizations

· Experience in performing arts management

· Strong public relations and publicity background

· Experience in working with diverse national and international communities involving engaging

artists and managing volunteers;

· Experience with: writing and editing newsletters; multi-cultural civic and ethnic events;

Microsoft Word, Photoshop, QuarkXpress in a Macintosh and PC environment

· Financial and budgetary records and payments, Ragtime in a Mac

· Success in marketing the arts and fundraising from corporations, foundations, and government grants

· Strong oral and written communication skills

· General knowledge and experience in programming and administering performing arts presentations

· Excellent planning and organizational abilities

· Highly organized

· Initiative and effective interpersonal skills

· Ability to work independently

· Successful leadership and talent in meeting programming, educational, cultural, and artistic

needs of a diverse ethnic community.

· Experience with multi-cultural civic and ethnic events




·Dr. Daniel Charles, Professor of music aesthetics and Chair at University of Sophia Antipolis (France)


·Dr. Costin Miereanu, Professor of music composition and history at CNRS, University of Paris I (France)


·Dr. Ivanka Stoïanova, Professor of Music Analysis at University of Paris VIII (France)


·Dr. Jean-Yves Bosseur, Researcher and composer at CNRS Paris (France)


·Dr. Marc Battier, Researcher, composer at IRCAM and professor at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociale, Paris France.


·Dr. Marie-Hélène Serra, Researcher and Pedagogic Director at IRCAM, Paris France


·Dr. Richard K. Fiese, Associate Professor in Music Education and Music Therapy,

University of Miami School of Music, Coral Gables, FL, 33134, (305)284-6252


·Dr. Dennis Kam, Professor and Chair of Music Theory and Composition,

University of Miami School of Music, Coral Gables, FL, 33134, (305)284-2161 ext 87606


·Dr. Don Wilson, Professor and Director of Electronic Music,

University of Miami School of Music, Coral Gables, FL, 33134, (305)284-2161 ext 87914


·Dr. J. B. Floyd, Professor and Chair of Piano Performance,

University of Miami School of Music, Coral Gables, FL, 33134, (305)284-2161 ext. 87909


· Gustavo Matamoros, Director of South Florida Composers Alliance

P.O. BOX 015298 Miami, FL 33101-5298, (305) 743-2850


·Dr Chris Theofanides, Professor of Contemporary Music Composition,

University of Houston, Moores School of Music, Houston, TX 77204-4202, (713) 743-3321


·Dr Ron Ochoa, Professor of Electronic Music,

University of Houston, Moores School of Music, Houston, TX 77204-4202, (713) 743-3317


Mathius Shadow-Sky's contact: e-mail