The game consist to discover how 1 rhythm generates with itself different rhythms with 3 same beats the music is never the same: the resulting rhythm change eternally.

It is called: 'the out of phase process':


3/4 groove beat: bass and snare drums.


3/4 groove beat: bass and snare drums.


3/4 groove beat: bass and snare drums.

To act on rhythm press first PAUSE button for each beat. Adjust the VOLUME for example to 25% and 10% for second and third beat to generate ECHO or RANDOM DELAYS. The delay time will depend WHEN you will press PLAY button. Which time interval between each beat? PLAY one and two and three beats at the same time. Whatever happens, the time will make its work: the three beats will move in time to generate never the same rhythm: follow carefully the evolution of the moving rhythm first with 2 beats second with 3 beats, etc. Enjoy !

- Is it a sound effects?
- It depends how you understand 'sound effect'.
- Or it is a reality given by our context of being alive on Earth.
- Or it is a sonic signal created to generate a reaction of the audience as it is used in the film industry.
- 1 => Yes, 2 => No!
- This is a music composition process extracted from what is possible in our reality.


To play this game you need QuickTime plug-ins. Dowload it here for free ->

Mathius Shadow-Sky, 1997 release