_1 - first conversation with whales _[21:04]
_2 - second conversation with whales _[08:29]
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_3 - third conversation with whales _[34:46]


S i l e n t   m u s i c   p l a y e d   by

Myster Shadow-Sky: trumpet in C
Jorge Ribeiro: bowed doublebass


Album recorded at Rio de Janeiro at CBM studio the 28 of April 2000 & demastered @ le centre de la bombe in Paris
le disque du centre de la bombe 2000
concepted & produced by myster shadow-sky.
Ob-CD 32-00

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 poster Brasil 2000

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"With faraway voices surrounded by silences,
that spy on a reminiscence,
of something very very vague,
of something lost,
but who stays,
driften of our memory,
a familiar and alien knowledge."
we speak whales' song
[we speak whales' song]

Night music for asleep cities...

One night we start to play music at 2 or 3 am. The city of Rio was asleep, and the perpetual rumor of sound was down. We could in this state of silence, explore the world of unheard-sound. With the streched time of the night we could concentrate on a very strange music: we was talking-singing to the whales with common understanding.