in the Centre of the Bomb [3]




- The StringPuppetLoudSpeaker
projects 4 ranges of sound [low - medium low - medium high - high]
with its 4 arms tube-resonator : LUDUS MUSICAE TEMPORARIUM


France 1980-88 4 StringPuppetLoudSpeaker are moving among the audience

The different forms of LUDUS MUSICAE TEMPORARIUM sound projection depends of which kind of game you play. With the SOLITAIRE GAME it is a fractal projection, a succession of opposite figures. With the COMPETITION GAME there is one player for one loudspeaker but it changes the position. With the GAME OF CHANCE there is always an unexpected location of sound. With the GAME OF SIMULATION each character is attached to a sound movement figure in different positions. With the DIZZINESS PLAY the shape of the moving sound is two opposite circles with a continuous acceleration of speed.

myster shadow-sky, 1980




- The QuadraphonicSoundPyramide for the opera SPECTÀCUL, air hein with ONO LULU filharmonia.
The high sounds are located on the top of the pyramid and go lower progressively to the bottom:
high <-> medium <-> low <-> infra low sounds time 4.
Different figures were moving among the 16 (4x4) loudspeakers according to the music.

Bourges/France 1990 (700 people under the pyramid)

the sound projection figure # 9, two spirals in opposition.


myster shadow-sky, 1990




- THE BROWNIANESCAPE is a permanent sound installation.
The sound in this sound system is directional
it means that in a static diffusion you have to cross its field to listen it.
We used a special parabolic shape for the speakers to get this result.
But here the sound moves continuously go and back.
To listen to the music you have to run after it!

Paris 1985


An other and simplest version of THE BROWNIANESCAPE is to use only two loudspeakers in straight line.
This project carries the title


myster shadow-sky, 1985




LOIn #2d