the anti-Shadow-Sky-Ensemble #5
concert at Le Mandala, performing
the expression of censored music.
"the strange lizards from improbable universes: the finale"
was censored and unperformable.
in consequence => solos music played in the orchestra:
Ourdission (1982), Quasi Mortal Bedroom (1987), Cauchemar Atomic (1979), S.P.O.R.T., Alive in Unbelievable Universes, and Unnecessary Chaotic Meeting.


J'enlève les tables du cabaret et j'aligne les chaises dos à la scène, oui.
Quel est ton malaise de tourner le dos aux artistes qui te le demandent ?
Nous ne sommes pas les distracteurs effaceurs un temps de tes soucis.
Spectateur retient ton désir de divertissement et ta noyade dans l'ivresse,
ouvre tes oreilles avec ton intelligence afin d'être pénétré par notre musique.
Notre musique qui t'ouvre à des mondes dont tu n'a même pas idée...


The unperforming orchestra on stage, with explanation of why today's original music is censored in France.

 Sad musicians

Masako Ishimura performs Mathius Shadow-Sky's Ourdission written in 1982 for flutes (bass, c, and piccolo), moving sound space device, and soft architecture (not here).

Masako Ishimura interprete OurdissionMasako Ishimura interprete Ourdission de Mathius Shadow-Sky
Masako Ishimura interprete Ourdission de Mathius Shadow-Sky


Censored music of S.P.O.R.T. by own band's musicians without knowing it? Hear the process of band's music destruction.


Aloof Proof & Myster Shadow-Sky perform "Alive in Unbelievable Universes."

Aloof Proof & Myster Shadow-SkyAloof Proof & Myster Shadow-SkyAloof Proof & Myster Shadow-Sky


A few persons: the non-censoring public.


Jean Pierre Albert performs Mathius Shadow-Sky's "Quasi Mortal Bedroom" written in 1987
for solo drummer, and canopied fourposter bed with fan and melodic instrument (not here).


Stephane Marcaillou performs Mathius Shadow-Sky's Cauchemar Atomic written in 1979 for solo or 500 electric guitars. get the First 1979 recording in the album: 6sex+2ex.


The Unnecessary Chaotic Meeting music of the anti-Shadow-Sky-Ensemble, the state of the anti-orchestra limits of forbidden meeting: we forgot why we are together...


photos report by Dorothee Sadowski © le centre de la bombe 2006.


who is who in the anti-Shadow-Sky-Ensemble #5 ?

Myster Shadow-Sky (unifier, proposer, Cellocubic = cubic cello from Bauhaus, Archisonic Lamp, 9-tone electric guitar, voice and other instruments)
Aloof Proof (electronic
Masako Ishimura (flutes)
Roger Cazenave (synthétiseur)
Hervé Richaud (bass guitar)
Stéphane Marcaillou (electric guitar)
Jean-Pierre Albert (percussions & Quasi Mortal Bedroom drums)
Donus (drums)
Johann Borquenez (cello cubic)
David Segala (quadraphonic PA)
Christophe Calastreng (quadraphonic spatialization and stereophonic recording)


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