Sound does not exist, as we understand it. Sound is inherent to human sensation. Each other species has different approach to vibrations. Sound is vibration with sense (meaning).

Sense is patterns recognition necessary to identify what is surrounding us and to act (in the way of the meaning) in this surround. Music is sounds with sense (meaning). Sound and music are patterns recognition projection made of vibrations. Music and sounds themselves have no emotions. Emotions exist because of human attitudes (memory acting). Human attitudes exist because of pattern recognition: the work of memory. Culture is a collection of memorized attitudes panel in certain patterns according to evaluation of our life environment. Culture gives different manners of listening.

Listening is not a perception of vibrations but a projection of what we have to recognize. Recognition is necessary for being reassured in our living environment. In this way, unknown sound cannot exist or are not considered as sound (ignored): same with music: unknown music is not music. Listening is a process of our projection of our desire. In the mass of vibrations, we are listening just sound we focused, not all the sounds “around” we call noise and are rejected from our consciousness (microphone takes all sounds). All around sounds noised are ignored to recognize what we have projected in what we are listening. This listening segregation, according to patterns of recognition makes that we distinguish noise from sounds. Noise is unwished sounds, sounds that disturb our recognition.

The dominant way of sound analysis is not the one way of sound analysis. Vibration decomposed in fundamental, harmonics is a wish, and a point of view, from what Western music develops the sense of harmony. Harmony is the synchronization of sounds. A concept of ordering (that you can find also in military attitude) sounds to sound together at the same time. This pattern represents belief of how human life should be organized. This is a belief of efficiency. Efficiency is what it is felling as necessary for the community.

Music and sounds are not independent phenomena of human beings. Music and sounds are signatures, representations of human will, living in a recognized environment. Education is a tool to recognize dominant patterns of the human community (society). Perception (as we call it) is not neutral. There is nothing “outside” that receives (perceive) our body (brain included). We project everything from ourselves (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz): our needs driven by the community. This projection outside us, we call environment perception, is a point of view forced by the human community where we were born. The human community who has rules of morality, makes according everyone on a same (vibration) idea. Ideas are necessary for communication.

Communication happens when we can talk and exchange same “perceptions” in different ways experienced. Differences in the same create subtleties. Subtlety differences projected (according to morality) gives the illusion of diversity. In fact, this is a social human recognition pattern called: “reality perception”. What we call reality is the projection of our imagination of what reality is: a formation of recognized patterns surrounding our social life driven by morality. They are things we can do and things we cannot, according to morality, beyond rules of law. We could say, following Martin Heidegger “we are talked by our language” that we are acted by our patterns. We do not act by ourselves; we are acted by educated patterns. (...) It is why science today is the new “religion” of belief. We have the arrogance to believe of the knowledge neutrality. Knowledge like music and sound perception are conformed (in accordance with) to our recognizable society patterns, necessary for us to communicate (too much differences break communication). All that social construction is the work of our imagination, which needs representation. Imagination is not fantasy, is a necessary tool to make real our living environment to communicate.

Do I believe what I just said? For what belief is necessary? “I believe that it is necessary” is a belief of the necessary motivation to act and to confirm our membership of our community (like being a citizen of a nation). This text is written to have more than one point of view to understand and to develop other understandings of what is going on. Scientists should never accept dominant thought, as it is given by an abused unique authority. If not, being a scientist is to be a preacher of this new religion (science) that “explains” the world. Knowing that, the role of explanation is to reassure people of the society by giving a meaning of life and not to understand life outside ourselves but to give people wish and will to live. But without wish and will to live, it would be the extinction of human species. Wish and will are driven by believes. Believes are justified by explanations. Knowledge, like stories are believes. Believes reinforce the sense of life’s necessity in the human society. Believes are necessary for human society to not die : to stay together on same focus.

Technology is a perfect example of what makes a perfect illusion of what we are capable. Technology reinforces the belief of our arrogance to control the world. The major purpose of our scientist religion is to give a way to people to believe what human kind wants to believe. Necessary believes to feel secure all together: “the world is made at our image” works to appropriate the belief we control our lives and not the opposite: that life control us.

It is why our Western civilization is dangerous for other civilizations and cultures to get and control the world, you have to destroy other points of view to maintain the idea “we are right”. Our Western civilization is convinced that to control reality means, “the Western point of view of life has to be the one”, in a process of globalization.

This global lie of what is reality supported and approved by science as authority is made of several lies to sustain people in believes but not in questioning. This assurance of this conception makes that for 2600 years we never resolved the shame of sexism (male domination) and the shame of slavery (minority domination). People who have no life project, no self-intention of living but have fear of their death, sustain slavery. Education reinforces approval of being a slave, being under submission to obey to authority. A voluntary self-lie, necessary to justify people’s approval being slaved: people in need to be driven. We know (according to Stanley Milgram 1933–1984) that more 60% of people automatically obey an approved authority they justify as necessary to giving them sense of their life. It makes one “governing” for two “governed”. Slavery is a system wished by slaves (silent majority people) that dictators take advantages: a loneliness dictators does not make a dictatorship.

Domination is the dominant pattern of our Western patriarchal civilization (not knowledge) which is approximately 2600 years (…) The culture of domination is made by belief and lies as a need (necessary) to make the social machine work, and justify the necessity of everybody’s life in hidden slavery. Slaves: passive people with no life project against artists: independent (detached from slavery) active people with life project, and others. Artists use their imagination to make their projects “real”. To do that they need people to believe in their project. To make it possible by giving their handwork to the project (note that money maintains addiction to slavery by slaves self-management as a motivation to work and pay interests to dominant minority). People sustain lies of 2600 years slavery system to endure social life working on the basic fake perceptive premise: “what is my advantage?” knowing intuitively their social position of passive obedient consumer.

Is it possible that more than 60% of human beings (which are in slavery) would be lost in mind without believes? Without the feeling of necessity slavery society dies. In case of unnecessity feeling, slave’s state would die in insignificance of unnecessary life. Cosmogonies (stories) are necessary for human communities to survive. Cosmogony motivates individuals to live by giving a meaning of our existence. Communities to correspond to common necessities, manipulate cosmogonies to become propaganda: propaganda that sustains voluntary servitude. This human kind situation is perverse: lies cannot make evolve human mind possibilities; lies serve regression: the lie “being the best” makes “being the worst.” In 2600 years of our Western civilization, nothing changes in our spirit. The illusion of technology “evolution” sustains the belief of our evolution (also the misunderstanding of Darwin’s theory). Machines make us more slave to machines than giving us more capabilities. Machines are the mechanization of slavery: a mechanical obedience. Machines (as the representation of our incapability) reinforce our illusionary environment of what we think it is real: the false belief of “nature domination” in our society to feed the belief of inevitability. ”We make machines to serve us” but the result is we serve the machines by being addicted by unnecessary occupations: entertainment. We entertain to forget, to forget our lies to ourselves that we are dominated in our incommunicable isolated life (in our common virtual world) made by humans against humans.

Music reflects human attitudes. Listening gives the appreciation of what we cannot see. It is senseless to want to see the sound (on computer screen) because sound, in this case is reduced to one vision and loses its capabilities (to be seen despite being listened). (There are today two theories of sound visualization: first, the Fourier transform based on signal decomposition in sinus periodical waves (as Aristotle suggested) and the more recent Wavelet theory, made for discontinuous phenomena analysis including vibration. However, both representations of sounds are the same: with signal amplitude in time).

Today we are unconsciously and permanently acted by periodical sound continuum of Media and machines that prevent to question oneself and resolve questions. We know, by asking too many questions, our slavery system would fall. To think and act by ourselves, we need quietness: we cannot think in aggressive mechanical sound environment permanency (try to concentrate in flying airplane for example). In this case, sound becomes out of control as continuous mind aggressions that prevent to think: an anti-music for forgetfulness being human: an anti-music of human mechanical attitude seeking immortality through technology automation.

Human gesture opposes automation even in noise manipulation to create music, because there is a direct human intention (no uncontrolled machines in between that could not be stopped). Individuals shape community, and individuals allow the community by obliged (forced) themselves (and the next generations through education) to follow laws (rules) they create to sustain their community. However, when individuals do not ask questions for themselves, the Social-Machine dominates individuals that become obedient livestock under control. The pervasive force-feeding Media serves in this way: to cultivate the obedience of stupidity for the livestock to be governable and justify the necessity of being governed.

Supermarkets and mall shopping centers have replaced churches (both places are for seeking rapture of joyfulness) for the expression of abundance and obedience (with Church it was obedience and self-sacrifice). The items displayed ready to be consumed are the rewards for our obedience. The reward items are always made of poor quality (short time using, to be renewed) and are expensive (we need to get into dept to buy these items). This consumption is made for us to sell our availability to work. To work, to pay our non-chosen lives i.e. being in servitude by the consumption (artificial needs). The access to these consumption temples is not easy and unpleasant: you need a car and all its expenses plus its loan, you get stuck in traffic, you have to park, you have to take a cart, you have to endure bad smells, you have to endure ubiquitous noises, and aggressive lights, you have to wait in line to pay, you have to share cashier’s bad mood, etc. Despite of these disagreements shopping centers are always full of faithful people (the congregation of consumers i.e.: today’s slaves). These temples of abundance give the illusion of richness and cultivate the faith of people to not question the meaning of this life but force themselves to joyfulness. Reward does not grow up individual’s faculty of understanding. Getting a reward means our perfect obedience to forced rules. Our Western religion of abundance cultivates the certainty of poorness believes: our spirits in faith. The music of this religion is infantile (infant, child is a human who does not speak and obey to adult) and force-feed sound presence: with sounds and words (lyrics) that prevent listeners to ask questions because meaning is perfectly obvious. The meaning of happiness is the reflection of force-fed cowardice. Music that prevents questioning prevents understanding (what is going on). This music from “Industry Entertainment” is made to mask our poverty of spirit and force to feel (false) happiness: to entertain stupidity. Today’s unbearable noise is the invasion of stupidity. Stupidity kept by force-feeding affluence creates the lie of happiness for those who have no life project and suffer their servitude.

We should think with the shape of “cultural domination of automation” in which we are included. We should think to inject some freedom and understandings in our life of slaves. We need to discover lies of “what is life” for us to not be controlled and manipulated by the others. We have to believe in nothing to be ourselves.


Mathius Shadow-Sky,
Washington August 6, 2010
English correction by William Staderman


Le son est nécessairement sémantique. Le son est sémantique, car le son est un significateur, mais sans signifié (le son pas parlé ne dit rien). En même temps, dans sa présence on lui projette du sens (on perçoit la vibration et on lui rajoute du sens). La confusion entre vibration musicale et son musical est significatrice. Le son a une signification que la vibration n'a pas : on lui attribue une morale : par exemple par la ségrégation des sons, en supportables et en insupportables et dont le son insupportable est nommé : le bruit. Le bruit est une appréciation morale dans un contexte culturel. On ne distingue pas une vibration « bruyante » d'une vibration « pure ». Le son est la vibration, mais entachée de morale. La morale est basée sur des croyances de ce qui est juste et de ce qui ne l'est pas, en accord avec les intérêts de la communauté. Mais ce n'est jamais le cas : il y a toujours une domination qui sème des croyances fausses dans les esprits pour les gouverner. Le son n'existe que par la volonté culturelle d'être éduqué. C'est en cela que le son n'existe pas. Le son existe sous différentes formes d'appropriations en fonction des différentes cultures (règles des moeurs) dont certaines vibrations audibles sont entendues (acceptées) et d'autres pas (rejetées = non entendues).



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