orphaned musiq
Myster Shadow-Sky
Orphaned Music () # ObCD 31-01

_01.  le temps ne s'arrêtera pas   -(1991-v3) _[03:08]
_02.  célébration d'une fête étrange   -(1989) _[06:03]
_03.  bambx in shadowed sky   -(1995) _myster shadow-sky + bambi _[05:53]
_04.  exercice gaga cul   -(1995) _[14:08]
_05.  virgin black burger   -(1999) _[08:21]
_06.  les humeurs de l'esprit sain   -(1996) _[07:25]
_07.  one day human kind was born   -(1987) _[02:10]
_08.  guahibo on egypt on electronics   -(1996) _[05:09]
_09.  some water splash around   -(1988) _[02:36]
_10.  s+s+s in 171 secondes   -(1988) _myster shadow-sky + witold szczurek + tadeusz sudnik _[01:30]
_11.  the prayer, musicalized   -(1988-94) from Opera Tion Della Bocca _[04:38]
_12.  who stop da beat   -(1995) _myster shadow-sky + DJ Nerate _[08:30]
_13.  le temps ne s'arretera pas   -(1991-v1) _[08:01]

total time 77:37

Album recorded in different parts of the white world: France, Poland, United States between 1988 and 1999
le disque du centre de la bombe 2001
concepted & produced
by myster shadow-sky.
Ob-CD 31-01


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Orphaned Music project started when I remarked many pieces of my music, lonesome, without any family. In this first album there is 12+1 tracks of these lonely children made in different context. "Le Temps Ne s'Arrêtera Pas" is a song with a poetry I wrote when I was seventeen, it experiments a pitch to MIDI device where an analogue synthesizer driven a digital classical guitar. v3 is the version 3 of the original version 1: v1. "célébration d'une fête étrange" uses a drum machines with 12 bits reverb unit and bamboo flutes to experiment huge and empty places at night. "bambx in shadowed sky" is a piece made with Pascalina "Bambi" Pica who gave her voice to le Teub-Up-Style speech, she brought her sounds and I played bass guitar and we laugh together. "exercice gaga cul" experiment dubbing where I played all instruments like in "les humeurs de l'esprit sain". When I was living in Appalachians Mountains I recorded a part of the live act "virgin black burger", where I experiment the MIDI Glove to control one of the synthesizer with mixing records at the same time. "one day human kind was born" is the only one solo of the pvc-sax I did. With "guahibo on egypt on electronics" I thought like the French artist __ when he puts together a refrigerator on safe chest titled with their own marks: I did the same with 3 recorded music from different part of the world: false egypt on Colombian tribe on synthesizer from white civilization. In "some water splash around" I recorded alone during the rehearsal with Ono Lulu Filharmonia for the album "La Commedia Del Suono". At the same rehearsal we recorded "s+s+s in 171" with the bass guitar player Witold Szczurek (who played with Tomasz Stanko) and Tadeusz Sudnik on synthesizer EMS AKS. "the prayer, musicalized" is "l'Arrogance de la Prière, the Arrogance of the Pray" from the CD "Opera Tion Della Bocca" with the text of E. M. Cioran from his book "Traité de Décomposition" with double bass and the voice of Agata Siecinska in background. One day DJ Nerate asked me to make a "happy hardcore" piece and this is it.